Werk is leading the flexibility movement - revolutionizing the workplace in order to meet the needs of modern society through flexibility. Research shows of the 30% of women who drop out of the workforce after have a child, 70% would have stayed had they had access to flexibility. But a lack of flexibility impacts all employees: women need it, millennials expect it, and all employees value it. Werk profoundly believes that flexibility should exist in some form for every job, and every employee.

Today, no one knows what flexibility means, and without a standard framework for flexibility, companies cannot strategically implement it or measure its success. Werk has created a standard definition for flexibility and a proprietary framework of flexibility: the Flexiverse™. The Flexiverse™ allows companies to apply a consistent approach to identifying opportunities for flexibility, implementing it and measuring its success. Werk’s standardized definition and Flexiverse™ framework are the foundation for all of Werk’s products including our job marketplace and our FlexCert™ training series.  

Werk launched with an MVP in June 2016, raised a $1M Pre-seed round in December 2016 and released a beta product in February 2017. Werk recently raised $2.8M in Seed funding, led by Rethink Impact. Werk was founded by Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean. Read about Werk in The New York Times, Bustle, and Forbes. Follow along @werk.

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