WELL Health Inc.

Interested in working at WELL? That’s great, because we’re hiring!

You’ll work alongside a lively team with diverse interests and passions. You’ll be struck by the collective drive to humanize the healthcare experience.

WELL is upending the $3.5 trillion healthcare market by helping patients and administrators break free of antiquated communication practices. WELL provides medical organizations with a single command center that connects the many tools they use, transforming everyday interactions between patients and the doctor’s front office.

We are well-funded and growing quickly. More than 1,000,000 patients use our platform to communicate with their physicians and other healthcare professionals. Our investor’s portfolios include companies like Intercom, Wag, Uber, and SurfAir.

As an early employee joining our 50+ person team, you’ll have a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives by improving their everyday interactions with their healthcare providers.

Current Job Openings

Customer Operations

Client Service Lead
Santa Barbara
Client Success Executive
Santa Barbara


Jr. Integration Engineer
Santa Barbara
Sr. Node js Engineer
Santa Barbara


Project Coordinator
Santa Barbara