Our mission is to help the world’s leading organisations to adopt Kubernetes and other Cloud Native technologies and working practises. Enterprises use our products and services to build better software and operate it reliably, at scale. Our approach brings together container-based application deployment, Kubernetes and operations tooling in a model we call GitOps.

Weaveworks aims to empower developers, no matter their background, to take advantage of container technology such as Docker to build faster and more scalable applications. We believe that container software will change the way developers create applications, so much so that many approaches are yet to be imagined. Help us build open source software tools that other developers use to tame their containerized applications.

As a software engineer you will build systems that connect, monitor and deploy containers and microservices to accelerate the delivery of cloud-native applications in a slick, practical and highly-scalable way. You will be responsible for deploying, troubleshooting, and scaling any services you build.

The Team

You’ll work in a multifunctional Agile team, to develop and maintain a tool that makes using Amazon’s EKS API easy.  You will work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. Our engineers include the founders of RabbitMQ and alumni from Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, Canonical, VMWare, Symantec, Pivotal, New Relic, and more. We frequently contribute back to the open source community, host meetups, and give tech talks.

You’ll be involved in refining work and contributing to decisions throughout the software development lifecycle. Our teams are distributed around the world and we use video conferencing and slack extensively. So we’re looking for someone with experience, a self-starter with excellent communication skills prepared to work either from one of our offices, or remotely.

What will you be doing?

  • Design and code features, primarily in the Go language. 
  • Create tests and documentation for new features.
  • Debug and fix bugs, and add more tests that would have uncovered them.
  • Review code changes submitted by colleagues or people outside the company.
  • Design, code and maintain automation for our own build, test and deployment.
  • Help and mentor new employees to get up to speed.
  • Participate in internal demos and projects.
  • Participate in the hiring process - review coding challenge submissions, do interviews, etc.
  • Customer facing when issues using our tooling arise for customers.
  • Customer facing on projects that may be customer related
  • Participate on open and closed source projects

What skills and experience will you have?

  • Strong engineering background. Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Strong golang background.
  • We look for candidates who can do top quality work in highly-concurrent, distributed, and highly-scalable systems.
  • Devops experience with one or more public cloud providers (Google cloud, AWS, Azure). 
  • Kubernetes experience, standalone and as part of the public cloud providers.
  • Useful experience could come from having worked on such systems before, or from developing and operating SaaS products, cloud services and large scale websites.
  • A team and community player: communicating with and investing in the team and the community for long-term healthy relationships.
  • We welcome candidates with interesting and diverse backgrounds, for example fluency in other languages and cultures.
  • Able to work unsupervised and also to coordinate with others when required.

About Weaveworks

Weaveworks is a Google Ventures backed startup with offices in San Francisco, London, and Berlin. We are committed to open source software. We offer full medical benefits. Weaveworks is a family friendly company that believes in and is committed to equality - so we offer flexible working hours, vacation and parental leave.  We encourage a good work-life balance in our policies.

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