About the role

We’re growing our utility customer base rapidly. To deliver value for clients and help accelerate progress on transportation electrification and grid decarbonization, we need to enroll, delight, retain and shape the behavior of EV drivers in our utility clients’ programs.

The person stepping into this role will be responsible for ensuring that our web product delivers distinctive value for our EV-driving users, helping them benefit from utility programs and charging insights, while loading reliably and fast. At a hands-on level, this means writing CSS, HTML and JavaScript for applications to support successful vehicle-grid integration and increase the amount of renewable energy used to charge electric vehicles.

This work will drive growth in indicators that are foundational to WeaveGrid’s success - including  kWh shifted and driver adoption of cleaner, smarter vehicle charging programs. No previous experience in the energy sector is required.

Core Responsibilities
  • Establish frontend development and testing infrastructure that supports rapid deployment and iteration
  • Develop core features that simplify and enrich the EV driver experience
  • Help build architecture that supports smoother SaaS-ification of our driver-facing application, allowing for easy white-labeling and deployment to new utility customers
  • Work rapidly with engineers, designers, product and business teams
  • Measure and optimize frontend performance
  • Own frontend code quality

About you

You are committed to the craft of frontend web development, and are excited about shipping clean, functional frontend code every day.

You are someone who cares about pixels, interface design, interaction design, usability, information architecture and user experience in general. You write JS, CSS and HTML. You follow emerging frontend trends, and you understand that JavaScript in 2021 is a very different beast than a few years ago. You’re comfortable working in common frameworks, but also understand JS fundamentals in the absence of such frameworks and choose your packages judiciously, based on engineering, team and product objectives.

You want to apply your talents to meaningfully address risks from climate change. In particular, you should share the WeaveGrid team’s commitment to achieving outcomes that support the shift to electrified transport and a decarbonized electric grid.

To meet the needs of this role, you will bring
  • A portfolio or existing work which shows work you have done in the last 5 years, including work that reflects your sensibility as a web developer.
  • A grasp of what makes a page slow to load, and experience with using specific tools to measure performance.
  • The ability to take a discussion from the whiteboard to a UI design tool (probably Figma) and implement functionality in HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Modern JavaScript
  • Experience with React, Vue, Webpack and related tools - even if you are frustrated by them.
  • Git, distributed version control, pull requests, etc.
  • Figma

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