Ready to be a part of the future of autonomous vehicles?

At Wayve, we are developing AV2.0, a very powerful and versatile software stack that can learn and adapt efficiently to various driving environments, therefore allowing us to be the first AV company to deploy in 100 cities scattered around the globe.

What we’re looking for

This is not a small feat but thanks to our end-to-end deep learning approach, we are confident we can achieve it. With great challenges come great responsibilities, the safety assurance of our automated driving system (ADS) is the most important and most complex one.

If you are looking at putting your safety skills to the test, there is no better place to be than at Wayve. Please join our safety engineers to design and orchestrate our L4 ADS safety assurance framework!

Your responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with the other safety expert(s):

    • You will architect, specify and lead the development of the functional safety concept of Wayve’s ADS for the present and future vehicle platforms
    • You will keep abreast of the latest guidelines, standards and AV industry practices about developing a compelling safety case for an ML-based ADS,  and design Wayve’s safety framework for the development of such a safety case
    • You will work collaboratively with Wayve’s teams (Driving Intelligence, Fleet Learning, Simulation,...) to implement and tailor the safety framework
    • You will participate in, promote Wayve’s ideas to, and influence the relevant AV safety working groups such as to ensure Wayve’s strategy to demonstrate the safety of its end-to-end machine learning approach will be compliant with future standards, regulations and guidelines

You should apply if:

Mandatory: Safety Assurance of ML-based Systems 

  • You have practical experience in the development and implementation of a SOTIF-like development process for L2 or above automated systems is required. Experience with an L4 ADS is not mandatory.
  • You have experience in developing the safety concept for a computer vision based system is required.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of neural networks (architectures, algorithms, training and testing pipeline) to understand the challenges associated with the safety assurance of such systems, being able to discuss options and rationales with our scientists.
  • You are familiar with the following (or related) standards and guidelines:
    • SaFAD
    • NHTSA A vision for safety
    • ISO/DIS 21448
    • UL4600
    • British Standard Institute (BSI) 188x series PAS 1880. PAS 1881, PAS 1882, PAS 1883


Mandatory: Functional safety 

  • You have very good knowledge of ISO 26262:2018 and a minimum 10 years of applying the standard (ver 2011 or 2018 of the standard) parts 2..6, 8 and 9 on a variety of systems.
  • You have strong experience in part 5 which focuses on the development of electronics hardware; the candidate must have practical experience in conducting DFMEAs and reviewing hardware designs with regards to good design practices and the implementation of hardware safety requirements.
  • You have strong experience in the overall process of deriving hardware and software safety requirements starting with the development of an HARA (i.e. then developing FSC, TSC and finally HW/SW requirements).
  • You have experience in presenting or conducting safety assessments.
  • You have experience in managing suppliers of safety related hardware or software elements (from setting up a DIA to managing the execution of the DIA and reviewing the work products provided by the supplier).
  • You are knowledge and experience in developing a safety argument in goal structuring notation diagrams is desirable.

We’d really like it if you have:

  • Practical knowledge of SAE J3061 (current applicable standard), being aware and involved in development of ISO PAS 21434 is a plus.
  • Practical experience in developing cyber security for an automotive system, following SAE J3061 requirements and recommendations.

Soft Skills

  • You are truly passionate about Safety and this is reflected in the way you explain in terms appropriate to your audience the essence of system safety and formulate the key takeaway messages.
  • You are pragmatic, you understand the need to balance risk versus benefits, even more so in a startup environment.
  • You are comfortable in debating with other stakeholders safety-related trade-offs, at any level of the development process and at any level of the organisation.
  • You are self-starter, autonomous in thoughts but collective in action.
  • You are equally able to think “blue sky” and pave the way for long term safety goals,  as well as think short term, and provide detailed and clear guidance on the safety activities for the development of a subsystem (e.g. controller) or launching an application (robotaxi)
  • You are confident in challenging others’ ideas and views, but equally, are open to constructive criticism and able to reconsider your opinions or beliefs. 

What we offer:

  • Attractive compensation with salary and equity
  • Immersion in a team of world-class researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs
  • Relocation support 
  • A unique position to shape the future of autonomy and tackle the biggest challenge of our time
  • Fun work environment, central London location, private onsite chef, in-house bar, bespoke learning and development opportunities, wellness initiatives, team socials, and more.


Wayve is built by people from all walks of life. We believe that it is our differences that make us stronger, and our unique perspectives and backgrounds that allow us to build something different. We are proud to be an equal opportunities workplace, where we don’t just embrace diversity but nurture it - so that we all thrive and grow.

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