Who are we?

Our team is the first in the world to use autonomous vehicles on public roads using end-to-end deep learning, computer vision and reinforcement learning. Leveraging our multi-national world-class research team we’re focusing on using less data to learn more intelligent algorithms to bring autonomy for everyone, everywhere. We aim to be the future of self-driving cars, not vehicles that are told how to drive through hand-coded rules and maps, but ones which learn from experience and data.

How you’ll make an impact

We’re looking for adventurous, talented and creative people to join our journey in developing next-generation autonomous vehicles. We’re a growing start-up, building our first cohort of engineers and you can be at the heart of this!

We are looking for Simulation Software Engineers to help build our simulation platform which provides synthetic data that will help us develop the solutions to autonomous driving as well as putting our AI drivers to the test in simulated scenarios. You’ll be working closely with our research, platform, and robotics engineers to create content generation systems, traffic and pedestrian simulation systems and visualisation tools.

Data is key to our vision: our end-to-end machine learning approach is fundamentally data-driven. However the real world is difficult to capture, in particular, dynamic environments which include other vehicles, pedestrians and other road users. Synthetic data generation provides us a way to collect the data we need in simulation, with less difficulty and risk. 

Safety is also key: in order to make sure we don’t put software on the road that is potentially dangerous, we will put our robot software through a series of tests - a driving license test if you will, and this can be done safely and at scale within our Simulation Platform. 

What you'll bring to Wayve

  • Ability to model the real world - objects, systems and processes, in software.
  • Experience in building simulation systems, video games or other real-time concurrent systems.
  • Experience with writing efficient and performant software systems using C++ 
  • Experience working closely with users, shaping features and tools to fit their needs
  • Knowledge of working with concurrent, parallel and distributed computing
  • Knowledge of software engineering principles - what makes code reusable and extensible
  • Knowledge of game and graphics engines such as Unreal or Unity3D is desirable
  • Knowledge of Python, or ability to learn quickly is desirable
  • Some exposure to machine learning is a bonus

What can we offer 

  • Competitive compensation with salary, equity 
  • Immersion in a team of world-class researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs
  • A position to shape the future of autonomy and tackle the biggest challenge of our time.

Wayve is built on people and their differences gives us strength. We are proud to be an equal opportunities workplace and encourage people from all walks of life to join our journey, growing and expanding with us. We don't just embrace diversity, we encourage it.

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