Senior Business Analyst, Workforce Planning

Wayfair is seeking a motivated, operationally sound business professional with a proven track record conducting in-depth analytical work and synthesizing findings into actionable insights for key Sales & Service stakeholders and leaders at Wayfair.  The ideal candidate will possess solid business acumen, demonstrating the ability to make connections between macro-level business developments and operational infrastructure changes, and their cumulative impact on critical KPIs used to plan and manage Customer Service operations.   Adept communication skills, organized project road-mapping, innovative thinking and the ability to work with large data sets will be integral success factors.

About Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is the engine in charge of resource allocation and planning for Wayfair Customer Service.  From headcount planning, to effective scheduling, to real-time monitoring, the department strives for efficient capacity management while maintaining a high bar for service level achievement with Wayfair customers.  Accountabilities span multiple customer contact channels (phone, email, chat) across ten physical locations and a virtual network in two continents (North America, Europe) supporting both B2B and B2C customers.  This position sits within the Forecasting and Analytics (F&A) team, whose primary responsibilities are projecting required headcount and contact quantity and arrival.


What you will do

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the various components of Wayfair’s differentiated Service model and how the various aspects of Workforce Planning work together to support the operation.
  • Act as the primary contact point and project owner for an F&A vertical, working with other team members on task/analysis requirements and delivery.
  • Develop resource planning models for various service support departments synthesizing workload drivers, link to business forecast, and key agent productivity driver. Develop tactical hiring and headcount ramp plans in conjunction with output of model. 
  • Analyze and assess downstream effect on required headcount resources and expenses stemming from contact optimization initiatives that impact Customer Services KPI’s (e.g., contacts per order, average handle time, first contact resolution)
  • Blueprint and iterate on methodologies to forecast anticipated contact volume based on unprecedented business drivers (i.e., promotions) or new operating models (i.e., 24/7)
  • Drive global alignment for F&A across geographies, while understanding local market differences/nuances that require unique market-driven solutions.
  • Own analysis and trend development as the subject matter expert on select peripherals (i.e., absenteeism, attrition, wage rates, contact reasons) underlying core forecasting outputs.
  • Assemble findings / trends / results into reports / dashboards / graphics / visuals / summaries for seamless consumption and comprehension by Sales & Service leadership.
  • Identify gaps in current processes / reporting that are currently under-served and self-initiate assignments to provide additional visibility in these areas

What you will need

  • BA/BS degree, with strong academic record (preference with a background from economics, math, computer science, business, or another analytical field)
  • 3+ years of relevant business experience (e.g., corporate strategy/analytics, consulting)
  • Strong quantitative skills and an affinity for working with data
  • Highly advanced Excel skills (SQL proficiency a plus, but not required)
  • Passion for analytical work that often requires resourcefulness in interpreting, collecting, and cleaning data
  • Exceptional communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Ability to self-start and receptive to working with data / projects that contain ambiguous elements
  • Ability to lead discussions and work effectively with people in a cross-functional environment
  • Positive, people-oriented and enthusiastic attitude

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