About the Team:

The B2B Insights & Analytics team is responsible for identifying the most effective means of accelerating the revenue growth of Wayfair’s business customers. With a focus on understanding and improving the impact of proactive sales engagement, we are constantly on the hunt for insight into how our team can unlock growth among new and existing accounts. Working on our team is a premier opportunity to build your career in business and data analytics. We have a big appetite for bold ideas and a strong bias for action.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Construct experimental design frameworks designed to test the impact of new initiatives. Develop strategies for estimating potential lift and advocate for the initiatives with the highest impact.
  • Become a subject matter expert in the B2B data model and provide support to stakeholders who need to understand the current state of the business and the largest areas for growth.
  • Develop innovative analytical methodologies to answer strategic questions across the organization and empower others to apply your methodology to new problems.
  • Seek out opportunities for improving our data model. Develop clear and compelling arguments for how they should be addressed and push for solutions.
  • Identify gaps in our collective knowledge, as well as areas of operational inefficiency. Develop innovative solutions to improve overall access to data and increase team efficiency.

Projects Might Include:

  • Investigate the revenue and profit dynamics of specific classes of products (e.g. Reception Chairs) that B2B customers purchase and help develop a game plan to increase revenue, profitably.
  • Use web browsing behavior to identify customers who are most likely to make a purchase when contacted by a sales representative and quantify the impact of the sales outreach.
  • Scope the impact of a new segmentation strategy that provides more granular tiers of support to customers based on their past activity and engagement.
  • Collaborate with an engineering team to implement an internal tool that helps sales representatives better understand their accounts


  • Necessary:
    • Hold a bachelor’s degree from top-tier institution with a strong academic record in a quantitative field (computer science, economics, statistics, engineering, etc.)
    • Have experience using SQL to write highly performant, complex queries
    • Desire to automate repetitive tasks and seek out opportunities to do so
    • Process-oriented with strong organizational and communication skills
    • Ability to identify and succinctly summarize roadblocks and constraints, propose potential solutions, and drive towards resolution
    • Comfort making decisions with incomplete data
    • Familiarity with Excel
  • Strongly Preferred:
    • Knowledge of a high-level programming languages, such as Python, R, Ruby, etc.
    • If not proficient with Python, a strong interest to learn the stack
    • Interest in learning advanced SQL (creating and using user-defined functions, developing stored procedures, managing automated jobs)
    • Comfort with participating in peer code review

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