The Executive is responsible for the planning, implementation and analysis of media campaigns across all channels (TV, OOH, radio, print, digital). The Executive is accountable for buying all approved media schedules ensuring that there is efficiency and rigour in the process, and under the supervision of the Manager, developing buying strategies to deliver the media plan.


Team – Group Business Director, Director, Manager, Assistant; Strategy, Digital

Clients – Marketing / Brand team

Media – key media partners


The easiest and simplest way to see if you have done a great job is when:

In three months, you are:

Up to speed with your team roles and your client portfolio, understanding what is required of the Wavemaker team and your role in particular. Providing appropriate support and delivering requirements in a timely and accurate manner

Participating in the client deliverables related to the buying process and client service i.e. liaising with media owners, supporting with competitive requests, facilitating the buying process, ensuring commercial best practice is in place

In six months, you are:

Owning the buying process for specific allocated clients / campaigns from end to end, ensuring that your manager and wider team are regularly updated on the performance of each campaign demonstrating excellent attention to detail

Supporting the Assistant in the team ensuring that they are delivering as per requirements, on time and to a high standard

In twelve months, you are:

Taking on greater ownership for campaigns and clients – responsibility and volume. Proactively adding value to the team based on campaign performance

Building really strong relationships with media owners, representing the Wavemaker team appropriately and ensuring that our campaigns are delivered to the highest quality

At Wavemaker we are PACED

Although all of us bring different strengths to Wavemaker and to the work we do for our clients, we have 5 key values that drive our business.

We’re Passionate – we commit the best of ourselves to our work and to each other.

  • We do what we say we will, we never give up on mission critical priorities
  • The scale of our response is equal to the scale of the challenge
  • Demonstrate a visible love for our client’s business
  • Actively lead transformation
  • Express our personal passions to bring energy to the team

We’re Agile – we work, think and act without barriers.

  • Our work, thoughts an actions challenge constraints and physical boundaries
  • Respond quickly to new information
  • If we’re going to do something we do it faster, quicker, better
  • Eliminate any barrier to understanding and acting quickly

We’re Collaborative – in good times and adversity, we know that together we are stronger, smarter, faster, better.

  • Put Wavemaker first in all our interactions
  • Leave egos at the door
  • Run to each others problems; no-one is ever isolated
  • Lean-in to Group M & WPP
  • Celebrate our achievements and enjoy the journey
  • We invite each other to feedback

We’re Entrepreneurial – we take responsibility, we own our success and our client’s growth. We find a way.

  • Relentless drive to solve big goals
  • Supportive of and place bets on other people’s ideas
  • Do what it takes to get results
  • Own the numbers
  • Challenge the status quo

We’re Diverse – we actively seek and nourish diversity of representation and thinking, not more of the same.

  • Insist on getting different perspectives
  • Brave our Biases
  • Make the right choices, not the easy ones
  • Create an inclusive environment, where everyone feels comfortable contributing
  • Demonstrate self awareness and interest in our impact on others



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