Current Job Openings at Wargaming


Wargaming (10001862)

Project Manager
Minsk Office

WoWS Product Group/Maintenance (10000851)

Maintenance (10000850)

Server Administration (10001342)

Internal Development (10002321)

WoWS PPD (10001753)

Data Analyst
Minsk Office

Product Marketing, World of Warships (10002353)

Publishing, APAC (10002397)

Global Technology & Platform (10000312)

Agile Project Manager
Sydney Office
Graphics Software Engineer
Baltimore Offices

Production (10001109)

Gameplay Engineer
Chicago Office
Gameplay Engineer
Baltimore Office
Server Engineer
Chicago Office
Server Engineer
Baltimore Office
UI Engineer
Baltimore Offices
UI Engineer
Chicago Offices

Platform (10001013)

Platform, Kiev (10000431)

Network Platform (10000948)

Lead UX Designer, Platform
Bellevue, WA Office
Software Engineer, Tools
Bellevue, WA Office

Platform, Minsk (10002147)

Expert DevOps Engineer
Minsk Office
Software Developer
Minsk Office

Development, Sydney (10000417)

Development (10000394)

Core Development (10003434)

QA Lead

DevOps (10000418)

Consoles Publishing (10001737)

B2B (10002377)

Global Publishing (10000660)

Publishing, CIS (10001188)

Support Specialist
Minsk Office

Publishing, APAC (10001185)

Creative Services, APAC (10000072)

Concept Artist - WoTC
Tokyo Office

Finance, APAC (10000527)

Finance Assistant
Tokyo Office

Payment Projects (10001893)

Payments (10001004)

Publishing, Europe (10001190)

Live Ops Support (10000876)

Design & Media (10000075)

Publishing General Management (10001174)

Business Development Manager
St Petersburg Office

Player Relations Office (10000655)

Localization & Documentation (10000841)

CFO Functions (10000165)

Finance & Legal, Americas (10000523)

Finance, Seattle-Austin (10000540)

Bellevue, WA Office

Financial Planning and Analysis (10000545)

Finance Partner
Nicosia Office

Administration Minsk Platform (10002339)

Minsk Administrative Services (10002180)

Legal, Minsk (10000824)

Minsk Office

The Agency (10003581)

Performance Advertising (10000620)

Creative and Content (10002154)

Senior Visual UI Designer
Nicosia Office

Marketing Creative Services (10000879)

IDeA (10001674)

Senior UX designer
Nicosia Office

Mobile (10000915)

Data Analyst

DAVA (10001769)

Product and Development, WoT Blitz (10000414)

Game Client Developer
Minsk Office
Producer, WoT Blitz
Tokyo Office

Copenhagen Studio (10002322)

Product and Design (10002324)

UI Programmer

Helsinki Studio (10001848)

3D Environment Artist
Helsinki Office
Junior Server Programmer
Helsinki Office
Senior Game Designer
Helsinki Office
Senior Server Programmer
Helsinki Office
Technical Artist
Helsinki Office

Mobile Publishing (10002178)

Product Marketing Manager
Copenhagen Office

Consumer Insights (10000925)

Mobile User Acquisition (10002166)

Moscow Studio (10000923)

2D Artist
Art Director
Moscow Office
Creative Director
Moscow Office
Lead Game Designer
Moscow Office
Technical Director
Moscow Office

Studio 42 (10002286)

Lead QA
Moscow Office

Mobile Technology (10002181)

Mobile Product HQ (10003400)

Gods&Glory (10002141)

Mobile Administration and PEX (10002287)

WoT Product Group/R&D (10001279)

R&D (10002329)

Product Delivery (10001128)

Engine (10001574)

Project Manager

WoT Product Group (10003540)

WoT Development (10001704)

QA Engineer, Prague
Prague Office
Technical Artist
Minsk Office
Technical Artist, Prague
Prague Office

WoT Publishing (10001725)

CRM Analyst
Singapore Office
Monetization Manager
Singapore Office

WoT Marketing (10002320)

WoT Analytics (10000574)

Game Data Analyst
Minsk Office

Global Game Design (10000631)

Game Design (10000586)

Prototype (10001879)

Enterprise Services (10000461)

Global BI (10000623)

WGBI Data Services (10001695)

Data Engineer (DWH)
Minsk Office
QA Engineer (DWH)
Minsk Office

WGBI Analytics (10001693)

Junior Researcher
Minsk Office

Office of the CEO (10000961)

Development, UK (10002313)

CHRO Functions (10000635)

Global HR Ops and Services/Administration Nicosia Platform (10000636)

Global Talent Acquisition (10001895)

Tokyo Office

Talent Acquisition, Minsk (10001412)

Global Business Support (10000625)

Global IT (10000639)

Infrastructure (10000764)

Enterprise (10000459)

Help Desk Specialist
Minsk Office

Service Desk, Minsk (10001352)

IT, APAC (10000813)

IT Specialist
Tokyo Office

Community Manager
St Petersburg Office