We started Waldo in 2018 because mobile testing is broken. Mobile app teams work hard to create beautiful experiences but tedious manual testing and flaky script conspire to slow down their effort. We're changing that.

Waldo is the world’s first no-code testing platform that lets anyone create reliable, automated mobile tests without the hassle of scripting. Created for mobile teams who care about building beautiful, consistent mobile experiences for their users, Waldo helps app teams ship better apps with fewer bugs. Now, you ship with confidence knowing that no nasty bug can spoil the experience of your users.

  • Easy test creation: record mobile tests by interacting with the app through the web browser. Waldo understands how each screen is structured and the logic that connects them together.
  • Reliable test runs: Waldo replays all recorded tests against every new version of your app, automatically.
  • Ship confidently: if a test fails, Waldo lets you know precisely where things went wrong so you can update the failed test or alert your team to fix the issue.

We're hiring! If you're looking for your next challenge and like the idea of changing how mobile products are developed, feel free to reach out at jobs@waldo.io

Current Job Openings


Software Engineer
New York, NY