Who we are

In the UK alone, banks and lenders earn £3B in annual profits from those earning less than median wages. We want to return that £3 billion to the people who need it most.

How? Income streaming. When an employer purchases and installs the Wagestream platform, their employees can choose exactly when to get paid. This eliminates the financial stress caused by monthly payroll cycles, a cycle that banks and lenders are reliant on to make their profits.


The platform was launched in April 2018, and currently has over 125,000 participants. In April 2019, we secured $51 million in Series A funding from a few big-name investors. We're now signing up dozens of companies per week, and seeing over 100% month/month growth.

Our values

We're optimists. Look, we honestly believe we can make a meaningful dent in poverty. And we think we can do it with a small team. To fit in, you need to share our belief that technology products can meaningfully transform society. If you don't share this belief, our unbridled sunny disposition will most likely get on your nerves.

Current Job Openings

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