Who are Wade & Wendy?

Wade is our chat-based AI RecruiterBot, connecting job seekers and hiring managers. For job seekers, he's career guide and guru, helping you find the place where you belong. For hiring managers, he's the ultimate partner, finding the perfect candidates with a deep understanding of what - and who - your team needs.

Wendy helps hiring teams manage high volume roles. When candidates apply, Wendy deploys a first-round interview using our dynamic chat interface. This allows teams to identify candidates they otherwise may have missed and spend more time engaging candidates that are the best fit for the role.

Our team is backed by Slack, ffVC, Randstad and other great VCs, as we bring AI and machine learning to the recruiting/HR space - all in order to make the process of building teams more human.

What's the Role? What will you do?

  • Translate wireframe designs into code using standards-compliant HTML5, CSS3 (SASS) and Javascript (leveraging appropriate frameworks like jQuery, Angular, React)
  • Build innovative visualizations using libraries like D3.js, Paper.js and various charting libraries (Highcharts, flot, Google charts).
  • Build and extend our library of reusable code and UI widgets
  • Work in an agile methodology with our tight-knit team of interaction designers, visual designers, and UX researchers 
  • Advocate web interaction design with a focus on consistency, usability, reuse, and performance 
  • Create rapid prototypes to be used as a blueprint for content and production development
  • Work closely with our back end devs to extend beyond the limits of existing web technology and push the boundaries of innovative user experience.
  • Contributor to the Design System

What have you done?

  • Become familiar with UX best practices, tools, methods and trends
  • Become advanced coding in frameworks like React and Angular?
  • Advanced and fluent with HTML5, CSS3,JSON, Javascript (ES5/ES6), jQuery
  • Worked in ClojureScript (or Om, Reagent, etc.) (or else done some really awesome personal projects)? 
  • Worked or fluent in functional programming (or worked in Lisp, Haskell, Scala, OCaml, F#, Erlang, etc.)?
  • Acquired an advanced knowledge of visualization and charting libraries in Javascript like D3, Paper.js, Highcharts, Charts.js, Flot?
  • web project workflow utilities: Gulp, Bower, npm?
  • Quickly learned and mastered new languages and tools as needed (and using them in a secure, modular and testable fashion)?
  • Experience with AJAX and RESTful web services?
  • Basic experience with AWS?
  • Built chatbots or worked with AI?

Who are you?

  • Do you appreciate great UI with an impeccable attention to detail?
  • Are you obsessed with work?
  • Do you want to tackle the challenges of big data management and laying the foundation for AI-human interaction?
  • Do you want get your hands dirty in a startup environment?
  • Do you love working with smart people to solve hard problems?
  • Do you want to automate everything?

Join our team

If you answered "Yes" to many of those questions - we'd love to chat. Let's change the way people work.

Curious about Wade?

We're currently in private beta, but you can sign up to chat with Wade by clicking here.

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