Vonage Engineering Mission: We embody the notion of be what’s next now! We envision, develop and manage technology to connect the world. Our team brings excellence, passion, creativity and curiosity to the job. We look at the business environment and technologies in new and challenging ways, striving to develop and deliver integrated whole-system solutions to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Why this role matters
System & Solution Architects play a crucial role aligning teams on the Agile Release Train (ART) and Solution Train with a shared technical direction. We partner with ART and Solution teams in elaborating solution (product, service, system) interfaces, validating technology assumptions, evaluating implementation alternatives and creating a continuous delivery pipeline. You can join our team as a Senior System & Solution Architect, helping articulate principles, system constraints and qualities to enable development teams to come up with great solutions.


What you will do

  • Provide System and/or Solution Architect support and advice across major program and solution levels.
  • Work with customers, stakeholders, suppliers and third-party stakeholders to establish high-level solution intent and associated information models and documentation requirements.
  • Enable a continuous delivery pipeline through development and implementation of design guidelines and investment advocacy.
  • Contribute to planning and development of the architectural runway in support of new features and capabilities.
  • Being an Architecture Liaison for engineering team(s)
  • Support technology and engineering requirements of program and solution Kanbans.
  • Actively drive the definition of engineering processes, standards and technologies / frameworks and lead associated working groups.
  • Define subsystems and their interfaces, allocating responsibilities, understanding solution deployment and communicating interaction requirements within the overall solution context.
  • Play a crucial role in pre- and post-program planning.

What you will bring

  • Prior experience (5+ years) in a System & Solution Architecture, engineering management or related position.
  • Broad experience with applying architectural and design concepts such as views and feature requests.
  • Understanding of DevOps culture
  • Strong understanding of Vonage’s product portfolio and product roadmap.
  • Excellent communication skills, including writing, speaking and listening.
    Ability to:
  • Apply analytical skills to evaluate and interpret technical and system problems.
  • Qualify and prioritize product gaps and feature requests based on revenue potential and business opportunity.
  • Successfully coordinate and indirectly manage across diverse corporate functions and stakeholders.

What is in it for you

  • Remote work until Summer 2021
  • Allianz Private Medical Insurance
  • MultiSport Card
  • Restricted Stock Units
  • Unlimited paid annual leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Car park on site
  • Fresh fruits twice a week
  • Massages once a month
  • Pizza lunch once a month
  • Lunch&Learn
  • Integration Parties
  • Summer Party and Christmas Party
  • Polish Class for foreigners
  • Sports and social activities
  • 3 days for charity
  • Glasses reimbursement
  • Tuition reimbursement.

Processes & Tools 

Vonage has a long track record of applying Lean and Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and SAFe.

We employ engineers that can use a breadth of technologies and languages to create secure, scalable and maintainable solutions. Key technologies in our portfolio are: 

  • Backend: C#, C++, Node.js, Python, .Net Core
  • Frontend: ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript with React.js and Redux 
  • APIs: RESTful APIs, Oauth2 
  • Data Management: MySQL, Couchbase, Redis, Parameter Store 
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, AWS SNS/SQS 
  • CI/CD Principles: (Chef, Jenkins, Terraform) 
  • Source Control: Git
  • Platform analytics: Influx, Kapacitor, Telegraf, Grafana, New Relic, OpsView, Papertrail, ELK 
  • Containers: Docker, ECS, future Kubernetes 


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