Volastra Therapeutics, Inc. is a platform-based biotechnology company formed from the laboratory of Dr. Lewis Cantley, along with Drs. Olivier Elemento and Samuel Bakhoum.  Volastra Therapeutics is dedicated to the discovery and development of treatments for patients with metastatic cancers.  The Company’s therapies will target novel pathways and apply insights gained from its scientific founders into chromosomal instability (CIN) and its clear association with the formation, progression, and maintenance of metastasis.  Utilizing an integrated multi-omics approach with high content analytics in metastasis-derived organoids, the team at Volastra plans to identify and quickly validate novel therapies targeting the pathways of genomic instability. 


The role of Scientist at Volastra will work closely with the CSO and scientific team to achieve the company’s scientific and strategic plan.  Volastra is seeking a highly motivated Senior Scientist for an in vitro and in vivo biology lab-based role. The Scientist will have responsibility for leading and executing projects as part of the scientific team to ensure the advancement of key programs in the Volastra pipeline. Our ideal candidate is an independent thinker with excellent communication skills who may provide insights towards experiment design and interpretation and is also a team player who may take on responsibilities outside his/her scope of work. The candidate should have a track-record of consistent experimentation, experience with in vitro and ex vivo immunological assays and syngeneic tumor models, integrity, and tangible contributions to biopharmaceutical drug programs and/or peer-reviewed publications. Project responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Validate novel immune-oncology targets identified through the company’s CIN/metastasis platform
  2. Develop, validate and execute in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo immunological experiments
  3. Interrogate the biology of CIN and metastasis to yield new mechanistic insights

Required Skills:

  • Experience optimizing, executing and analyzing syngeneic in vivo tumor models (primary tumors and metastatic tumors) and anti-tumor immune responses
  • Experience with bioluminescent imaging or other in vivo imaging modalities to track metastatic tumor growth
  • Primary immune cell isolation and characterization by multi-parameter flow cytometry, ELISA and other common immunological techniques
  • In vitro functional assays with primary human and murine immune cells (e.g. T-cell proliferation/activation, antigen-specific proliferation, myeloid cell maturation/polarization, MLR, etc)
  • Data analysis and presentation through software such as Graphpad Prism, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint
  • Time management to independently meet deadlines

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience developing co-culture assays
  • Experience with genetic manipulation (overexpression, RNAi and/or CRISPR/Cas9) of primary immune cells and cancer cells
  • Experience with xenograft tumor models
  • Benchling inventory/registry/ELN system


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