Volastra Therapeutics, Inc. is a platform-based biotechnology company formed from the laboratory of Dr. Lewis Cantley, along with Drs. Olivier Elemento and Samuel Bakhoum.  Volastra Therapeutics is dedicated to the discovery and development of treatments for patients with metastatic cancers.  The Company’s therapies will target novel pathways and apply insights gained from its scientific founders into chromosomal instability (CIN) and its clear association with the formation, progression, and maintenance of metastasis.  Utilizing an integrated multi-omics approach with high content analytics in metastasis-derived organoids, the team at Volastra plans to identify and quickly validate novel therapies to shift the treatment paradigm in metastatic cancers.   


The role of Head of Data Science at Volastra will work closely with the CSO and scientific team to achieve the company’s scientific and strategic plan specifically focused on computational biology and informatics.  The Head of Data Science will have responsibility for leading complex projects as part of the scientific team to ensure the advancement of key programs in the Volastra pipeline. Job responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Evaluation, design and implementation of analyses, mining, and visualization techniques to deep dive into genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics data from pre-clinical experiments and, eventually, clinical trials
  2. Implement a platform of robust statistical analysis and data mining to answer key scientific questions in the drug development and discovery process
  3. Build, manage and develop a team of high performing scientists to support data handling and analysis in the research organization
  4. Leverage and oversee external collaborations to further the organizational goals around data science and computation
  5. Extensive experience with large-scale data analysis, next generation sequencing, gene expression analysis, and a thorough understanding of statistical evaluation, including but not limited to: 
    • Monitoring and evaluation of analytical aspects of new and emerging technologies
    • Integration of diverse sequence and -omics datatypes to meaningfully investigate disease states, biomarkers, disease models and biological responses
    • Strong programming skills (such as R, Python, etc.) with experience developing clearly communicated and reproducible methods and tools
    • Understanding and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) methods in support of driving solutions to complex problems
    • Development of high-level custom statistical models and analysis packages supporting study design and interpretation
  6. Work collaboratively with our fast-paced leadership team including head of chemistry, biology, biotherapeutics and biochemistry to answer complex questions in a data-driven manner
  7. Generate hypotheses from internal and external data and help guide experimental design to test these hypotheses and effectively synthesize and communicate the data and outputs to senior management
  8. Uncover and prioritize novel therapeutic targets through the integrated analysis of both in-house and external datasets
  9. Identify research problems and develop and implement tools to come up with solutions
  10. Contribute to building a culture that embraces scientific excellence and integrity with a sense of collaboration internally and externally.

Volastra is a lean team of dedicated individuals working to advance therapies for patients with metastatic cancer.  As such, the Head of Data Science will from time to time have the opportunity to work on projects and take on responsibilities that may fall outside his/her scope of work. 

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