Who We Are:

At Visual Concepts, we believe great games are made by diverse and empowered teams with a shared passion for play. As one of the world’s top game development studios, we have shipped over 100 multi-sku titles to critical acclaim and commercial success. Our teams are independent and entrepreneurial. Our studios in Agoura Hills, Novato, Orange County, Budapest, Shanghai, and Seoul are committed to artistry and technical innovation, offering top candidates the opportunity to learn and grow with some of the smartest and most creative minds in the industry.  


What We Need:

The Gameplay Software Engineer will have a specific passion and aptitude for visualizing, implementing and tuning gameplay, animation and AI for sports videogames.  He or she should be deeply passionate about game play logic or animation systems and have prior applicable experience.

WWE2K is an exciting and challenging game with a diverse set of features and requirements. You will gain knowledge of many different areas from a highly skilled team while working on cutting-edge technology.


Who We Think Will Be A Great Fit:

At VC, initiative, smarts and passion make things happen, and politics simply don’t exist. In part because of all of this as well as VC’s consistent stability and success as a studio, some of the world’s smartest people come here and make VC a long term career. When interviewing, we look for intelligent problem solving with creative and constructive collaborative skills. We don’t write junk and we don’t hire people that do. We always push the metal to the limits, whether it’s servers or consoles, and we look for people that understand what’s going on under the hood. So the engineers we hire understand data structures, good programming practice, and they know where memory comes from and how CPUs work.

Skills Required:

  • Expertise with one or more of the following:
  • Physics
  • Animation systems
  • Cameras
  • Player controls
  • AI systems
  • Visual Scripting
  • Excellent 3D math skills
  • Strong design sensibilities
  • Able to write clean, bug-free, well-documented and efficient code
  • Able to work with a cross-disciplinary team

Minimum Requirements:

  • High proficiency in C++ object oriented programming
  • Minimum of 2 years engineering experience with PC, Xbox One, or PS4 platform development
  • Experience working with an existing codebase
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science preferred


Please note that Visual Concepts Entertainment and 2K Games never uses instant messaging apps or personal email accounts to contact prospective employees or conduct interviews. When emailing, only use VCentertainment.com and 2K.com accounts.



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