Visby Medical

San Jose based Visby Medical is an ambitious, well-funded, and fast-paced early stage biotech startup. Driven by a belief that disease diagnosis should be quick, accurate, and accessible to all, Visby is developing a novel diagnostic device platform that aims to redefine the way an infectious disease is tested and treated. 

We have a talented team of researchers, biologists, designers, and engineers, and world-class operations and administrative resources team and we are growing. If you are passionate about making a difference, thrive on tackling challenging problems, and want to join a collaborative ownership team that will change the world of healthcare, please consider the following role:

Current Job Openings

Clinical Affairs

Engineering (R&D)

Systems Engineer
San Jose, CA


Finance Manager
San Jose, CA

Manufacturing & Tech Ops

INC Inspector
San Jose, CA
Manufacturing Engineer
San Jose, CA

People, Culture, & Infrastructure

Product Design

Product Manager
San Jose, CA

Program Office


R & D

Regulatory Affairs


Supply Chain

San Jose, CA
Supplier Engineer
San Jose, CA
Supply Planner Manager
San Jose, CA