We’re looking for a mid-level Creative / Copywriter in Mumbai. Give us a shout if this sounds like you:

  • Have worked at a couple of creative agencies
  • See lots of boring, conventional, typical work coming from brands and want to fight to change that
  • Capable of working independently and owning your own projects
  • Able to write beautiful, fresh, sticky copy
  • Know the difference between concept and execution
  • Good at putting together write-ups, intros, and manifestos to explain ideas
  • Love writing scripts and ideas for everything from TVC to brand content to short film to reality show to game show to live experiences
  • Interested in working on projects for India but also other markets in Asia
  • Able to come up with ideas totally on your own but also can help blow out and execute ideas from your CD
  • Interested to start getting in front of clients more and owning creative presentations
  • Adaptable to deal with super fast and sometimes chaotic work situations
  • Like to experiment with social and digital channels to see what can be done
  • Comfortable to sometimes challenge the brief from client, account, or strategy

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