Viam is building a new platform to make robotics more approachable to engineers of all backgrounds, empowering thousands of startups to achieve their robotic visions. We're taking on the hard software challenges, enabling engineers to build modular, practical robots efficiently and cost effectively. We're working on integrating hardware and software in new ways, giving engineers much greater abilities to accomplish their goals. At the same time, we're trying to increase the pace of innovation by bringing costs down tremendously.

Viam's products are for engineers, having an absolute amazing developer experience is essential. Developer advocacy is a cornerstone of a great developer focused company. As our first developer advocate you will help establish our developer community, the way we communicate with our users, the systems and tools we use, and educate the engineering community on Viam's products. 

You'll be:

  • Building unique and fun robots using Viam's products
  • Educating the engineering community about the best way to build robots and how to use Viam's product through blogposts, conferences and videos.
  • Partnering closely with the product and engineering teams to build the best products by providing feedback from the community
  • Creating tutorials and documentation to foster awareness and onboard new engineers to our products

We're looking for someone who:

  • Loves tinkering and working on robots
  • Has experience writing for a technical audience, with an ability to write clear, technically rich, and engaging content.
  • Has hands on development experience (ideally full-stack)
  • Gets excited to present to large audiences both virtually and in person





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