Getting started with automation should be fast and painless, not daunting and difficult. 

Robotics has the potential to do so much good, but progress has been slowed by complicated hardware and software integrations, long development cycles, and people's fear of tripping over a robot on their way to work.

At Viam, we’re addressing these issues by building a novel robotics platform that relies on standardized building blocks rather than custom code to create, configure and control robots intuitively and quickly. We’re empowering engineers - aspiring and experienced - across industries to solve complicated automation problems with our innovative software tools.

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Current Job Openings


Lead Engineer, Mapping
New York, NY
Robotics Engineer
New York, NY or Bend, Oregon
Software Engineer
New York, NY or Bend, Oregon
Software Engineer (Backend), Motion Planning
New York, NY or Bend, Oregon
Technical Project Manager
NYC or Bend, OR


Consulting Engineer
New York, NYC, Remote, Washington, DC, Boston or San Francisco
Head of Growth Marketing
New York City


Interested in Future Viam Roles*
New York, New York, United States