Who we are

You'd be joining a small, diverse team of people, who are passionate about what they do, see value in constant learning and who like to play board games over lunch. Most importantly, we don't like to be bored at work, so we simply never let that happen.

Our story

Finance Tech came to existence less than 3 years ago, when we - viagogo - realized, that the best team to ensure our financials were timely, accurate, and scalable was one that sat close to our marketplace. With that we decided to give the engineering team the mission of improving the existing, heavily manual, processes. 

It started as a job owned by the Database Team, but grew quickly to become an autonomous team, rapidly gaining more and more responsibilities as the business expanded. Currently the team is made of two SQL / database engineers (dabbling in C# / MVC / js / .net core) and an analyst with an accounting background. We're responsible for basically anything around economics & money movement. viagogo supports nearly 40 currencies in over 100 countries, and no marketplace can grow without a robust payments & finance foundation to support it. Our role is to scale the financial backend of a high-volume, multi-currency, global marketplace.

Our responsibilities

Some examples of what we own:

  • Capturing & tracking of every economic event going through our business, making sure it stays immutable, and makes it to our accounting system
  • Month end processing - automated generation of all marketplace-related financial journals (revenue, costs, tax, seller obligation etc.) following accounting principles, to be uploaded to the accounting system by the Finance Team
  • User payouts - automated process of paying our sellers on time, following the correct schedule, using correct payment method, currency etc.
  • Cash reconciliation - marketplace vs payment processing providers: did we charge / pay what we think we did (automated process + reconciliation tooling + troubleshooting / preventing deltas in the future)
  • Seller obligation - tracking, process, tooling, answering questions such as: how much money do we owe to whom, in which currency, when are we going to pay them, why haven't we paid them yet
  • Value add tax & payments compliance

Our strengths & what you can learn from us

  • SQL / Database - as a close neighbour of the Database Team, we feel pretty confident about our SQL knowledge & DB best practices. Our 'database development' goes beyond writing simple SELECT statements.
  • Finance & accounting - We also have a former accountant on the team. We don't do accounting as such, but we do design all financial processes that eventually get booked into our accounting system. Understanding where things should go without bothering Finance Team every 10min is invaluable.

We don't expect you to become a database or accounting master, but you'll be surrounded by people with varied skillsets who are happy to help you grow and expand your knowledge.

What you'll be doing:

  • Ensure the correct & timely capture of every monetary event happening within the business
  • Open doors to new supply opportunities by building and maintaining a flexible user payout system
  • Improve security & quality of the overall system by smart permission management, refactoring architecture of existing processes, developing guidelines & building new tools that implement them
  • Improve payment management tooling & finance features available to the internal users to provide better service to our customers
  • Scale both pay-in and pay-out cash reconciliation systems to consider new requirements (new payment providers, improved tracking, faster reconciliation)

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Has a strong work ethic and a high level of motivation
  • Has a true interest in finance
  • Has the ability to explain the impact of their work on business
  • Has demonstrated a superior attention to detail
  • Has a passion for delivering products end-to-end: from idea, through prioritization and planning, to delivery and maintenance
  • Has dealt with the consequences of making an engineering mistake and has a strong sense of ownership
  • Knows the value of communication
  • Knows that aiming for perfection is vital when it comes to finance & accuracy is key, but at the same time understands that perfection is unachievable

Your skills & experience

  • 3-4+ years of experience with C# or other programming language
  • Exposure to or experience within a finance / payments area of engineering

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