Manage, Deploy, and Monitor your models in one place.

The Verta Model Delivery & Operations Platform takes any data science or machine learning (ML) model and instantaneously packages and delivers it by using best-in-class DevOps support for CI/CD, operations, and monitoring. Automate increased availability, scaling and safe deploys to simplify your workflow and get more out of your AI-ML data.

In this role you will work on the backend components that are central to the execution of our model deployment platform, it is the primary entry point for all users, from Data Scientists to IT Executives. 

About you: 

  • 5+ years of experience with Java
  • Experience with high performance applications and libraries, such as JDBI/Hibernate, Spring/Thrift/gRPC and asynchronous services
  • Experience delegating tasks for implementation
  • 1-2 years of experience on backend software development
  • Desire to learn how to build high performance applications

Some exciting projects you can work on in this role:

  • Provide high performance user management and integration with identity providers while providing RBAC authorization. This system is called on every API call and security is central to Verta’s identity, so this is a high leverage component.

  • Build an analytics layer and export the model usage metrics to systems besides Verta to provide teams with understanding of how they’re working. This system will transform the fine grained data collected by Verta into summaries that will drive user action and understanding of where to invest.

  • Build a monitoring system for machine learning to enable users to understand how their system is working in production and take appropriate action. This system will be high volume and the foundation for building robust CI/CD for machine learning applications.

  • Integrate with enterprise-grade infrastructure, compliance and diversity of use cases, such as checking model quality, bias, API changes, approvals and more. This system needs to be highly flexible to adapt to different ecosystems, which requires high quality decomposition and flexible design patterns.

  • Help users manage their models and data from first experiments all the way to production, connecting results all the way across to help guide where to make changes or detecting when things are wrong before it affects the user. This product provides visibility into everything done to get a model where it is and facilitates trying new things to accelerate the speed of model releases without sacrificing quality.

Data Scientists and IT Developers will be your main customers.

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