Director, Integrated Insights

New York, NY

Hello! Where have you been hiding? We’re looking for analytical thinkers, humanistic research designers and insightful culture hackers to join our team. More specifically, we are seeking an Associate Director, Integrated Insights.

Our team is collectively redefining and modernizing the way our clients harness cultural intelligence, develop brand strategy, plan for attention and weaponize (not simplify) the complexities of digital media.

You are: self-motivated, extremely collaborative and insatiably curious about people, culture, communications and connections. You are energized by digging into the insights and surfacing the most interesting things often hidden from sight. You bring your own flair to social listening analysis and are obsessed with finding the most powerful insight to unlock a challenge. You build persuasive narratives with human and cultural insight at their core, and deliver them with passion and conviction. You identify the most valuable audiences, balancing longer-term brand building ambitions and near-term results required. You are business savvy and able to deliver thought-leadership and productize to enable VaynerMedia to ‘culture hack’ at speed and transform our clients’ businesses.

The team is: hyper-collaborative, agile and built from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value insight-fueled creativity, cultural anthropology, empathy and emotional intelligence in the way we surface insights and build strategy. We appreciate the nuances of the new behaviors that define ‘attention’ and seek to understand motivations for behaviors in their full context. At our core, we are all culture hackers.

VaynerMedia is: Our entrepreneurship DNA runs deep. We’re willing to break rules, try new things, and test hypotheses if it means better understanding our craft. Think ‘strategic playground’, and not ‘agency’.

We can’t wait to meet you.


  • 10+ years of experience in using proprietary tools, social listening and syndicated data for analysis, research design, business intelligence, strategic insights, client consulting and new business development.
  • Outstanding business science understanding, with a strong foundation in statistics, media/market research analysis.
  • Outstanding trend analysis and understanding of cultural dynamics, with a strong foundation in market research analysis.
  • Strong understanding of client’s business environment and agency services business models.
  • Proven ability to think strategically, with a balanced analytical and creative approach, and the ability to teach others to think strategically.
  • Unparalleled client service professionalism, maturity, and diplomacy.
  • Proven leadership ability – experience managing a research and insights team.
  • Collaborative and able to successfully bring people from different disciplines, internal and external together to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Self-motivated and demonstrates initiative in identifying opportunities, discerning a clear path forward and acting upon them swiftly.


  • Entrepreneurial / intra-preneurial spirit, a change-agent who inspires strategic outcomes through influence, collaboration and organizational culture.
  • Experience with multiple research and insight approaches and methodologies; ethnographies, field research, cross-tabulation, factor analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, predictive analytics, propensity modeling, structured data analysis, cultural trend analysis and more.

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