Strategy at VaynerMedia provides a crucial perspective on the business dynamics.  We are a human centric, culture obsessed discipline where we dive deep into audience insights, media trends, cultural shifts, and tech innovations that inform our strategic recommendations.  Our team is collectively redefining and modernizing the way our clients harness consumer and cultural intelligence, develop brand strategy and plan for attention.

We are actively looking for a Strategist with 1-2 years of experience in building brands within the advertising/content industry for Japan market who speaks and writes fluent Japanese and English that can be either based in Tokyo or Singapore.

EXPERTISE - The skills and knowledge needed to excel in our roles. 

  • Design research recommendations through the use of insights resources and proprietary tools - must have at least 2 core skills using a variety of tools such as eCRM, social listening, content gap analysis, SEO/SEM, etc
  • Have designed and deployed social listening projects, and analyze data for actionable insights and intelligence - must be proficient or intermediate in understanding data analytics, this includes cleaning of data, and visualisation.
  • Well versed with the ability to leverage VaynerMedia tools, research and platforms to: perform content audits, collaborate with the media team to provide holistic success measurement frameworks.
  • Brings the consumer’s world to life for creative teams and clients  using qualitative and cultural mining and insightful synthesis of quantitative research to inform a strategic approach.
  • Develop distinct and differentiated audience segmentations that are connected to strategic decisions and creative ways-in.
  • Articulate effective strategic rationale and logic flow that will help form a compelling story.
  • Deck crafter - someone that can detail out ideas and insights that is clear and that sells !
  • Having had extensive regional exposure and training across the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok + Any 2 Chinese Social Media Platforms would be advantageous.
  • Have been exposed to both digital agency life and content creation to fully grasp the technical aspects of creating content as well as understanding the digital consumer journey and how to engage through a digital architecture map for end to end campaigns.

EXECUTION - Our ability to prioritise and deliver effectively with autonomy.

  • Delivers work independently on all tasks and achieves results at pace with energy and drive.
  • Actively participate in collaboration sessions with other teams.
  • Executes strong sense of priority level and urgency; and knows how to act on the critical difference between the two.
  • Operates the ongoing performance of different tasks or projects, as well as understanding and ownership of internal processes for quality assurance .
  • Administers agreed goals or projects by dealing to challenges in a responsive and constructive way.
  • Strives for zero mistakes or flagged internal process issues on work output.

LEADERSHIP - Our ability to maintain self-awareness and self-motivation while creating an impact thru sharing, learning, innovation and VaynerX culture sustainability.

  • Demonstrates behaviours such as teamwork, knowledge sharing, and building relationships across disciplines.
  • Assumes responsibility for decisions and outcomes pertaining to work output by self and team.
  • Supports managers to identify opportunities and challenges and recommend options for solutions
  • Having passion outside of the workplace which includes being an active influencer that leads in views and opinions through social media, streaming on gaming platforms, or any other internet activity that shows the aptitude for content creation, would be advantageous.

COMMUNICATION - Our ability to effectively interact, manage and inspire those around us.

  • Fosters positive internal communication and collaboration with all internal teams.
  • Ensures presented ideas are clear and understood.
  • Highlights new ideas to the team and external stakeholders when appropriate.
  • Provides clear, professional, timely and helpful information to the team or external clients and partners.

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