Overall Purpose

Strategy at VaynerMedia provides a crucial perspective on the business dynamics.  We are a human centric, culture obsessed discipline where we dive deep into audience insights, media trends, cultural shifts, and tech innovations that inform our strategic recommendations.  Our team is collectively redefining and modernizing the way our clients harness consumer and cultural intelligence, develop brand strategy and plan for attention.

EXPERTISE - The skills and knowledge needed to excel in our roles.

  • Drives all marketing proposals (proactive and reactive) for categories rooted in a consumer and cultural truths
  • Leads with partner(s) to develop strategic client initiatives to deliver on their KPIs by leveraging capabilities.
  • Attends external client/agency meetings, serving as the strategic voice in the room to speak to the rationale behind decisions as well as proactively come up with new solutions.
  • Executes deep understanding of all processes and platforms, and have the opportunity to proactively come up with new innovative and creative solutions for both internal ways of working and external client engagements.
  • Manages expectations based on program scope, reporting schedules and follow through on delivery.
  • Undertakes technical understanding, business sense, managerial/connecting and Interpersonal skills (Experience with Boolean, Python, Excel prototyping of data visualization or using a data visualization tool is critical for growing in this role)
  • Promotes new and existing strategy applicable in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Instagram, Forums, Chat applications, is required.
  • Brings the consumer’s world to life through the use of qualitative and cultural mining, plus insightful synthesis of quantitative research.
  • Acts as an ambassador in the development of new insights, audience segmentation and cultural analysis that will build and clients’ businesses.
  • Reviews qualitative, quantitative research, and behavioral data and independently be able to dive into research tools to draw and interpret insights.
  • Articulates data-driven insights in a logical flow in order to deliver a compelling and enlightening story to client.
  • Understands the intersection of business strategy, consumer insights and digital behavior in grounding big, purposeful ideas.
  • Demonstrates strong analytical and strategic skills to help solve clients’ business problems.
  • Evaluates creative concepts and communication opportunities and provide sound feedback and/or recommendations, as appropriate.
  • Facilitates brainstorms, workshops and ideation sessions that drive greater creativity and innovation.
  • Directs the strategic development of client presentations and other important communication; delivering clear, compelling and persuasive communications to all stakeholders.

EXECUTION - Our ability to prioritise and deliver effectively with autonomy.

  • Diligently achieve stakeholder goals, pushing self and leading the way for others.
  • Responds to setbacks with increased efforts and is persistent in the face of difficulty.
  • Orients action and agile approach while calls out when things go wrong while suggesting improvements to the methodology in use.
  • Collaborates with team members to create insights and outputs and act on it.
  • Puts in extra time and effort in crisis situations; and goes an “extra mile” to ensure the goal is met.
  • Excellently manage deliverables with zero miss.

LEADERSHIP - Our ability to maintain self-awareness and self-motivation while creating an impact thru sharing, learning, innovation and VaynerX culture sustainability.

  • Plans to be the principal actor in any given situation and capable of managing the majority of projects without oversight from Director.
  • Builds key relationships with peers across the organization.
  • Creates opportunities for the team to learn and take on new responsibilities.
  • Shares experience and knowledge.

COMMUNICATION - Our ability to effectively interact, manage and inspire those around us.

  • Communicates effectively to all levels with confidence and poise and makes insightful contributions in meetings, even on new topics.
  • Flexes communication style to meet the needs of various audiences.
  • Creates and delivers persuasive emails and presentations for various audiences independently.
  • Understands and regularly communicates how day-to-day actions positively impact the bigger picture.
  • Leads team in formal settings

STRATEGIC THINKING - Our ability to forecast decision outcomes and conduct sound business judgment.

  • Considers new opportunities for the client(s) and proactively recommending new tactics, partners, etc.
  • Provides thought leadership on all role expertise.
  • Creates new and relevant ideas and lead others to implement them
  • Shares part in discussions to draft and share agency POVs on hot topics; discussing client nuances and customizing message when appropriate

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