The APAC team is looking for a Social Media Listening Analyst that will be an expert in research and analysis while interested to dive into the trend-spotting areas such as index scoring and validation. 

Research & Analysis

  • You will hand period projects and calendar focused that will design, conduct and deliver standard and custom social media reports.
  • You will be responsible for hosting discovery sessions with the agency's clients to understand the business need.
  • You will translate this into constructed queries that will monitor the social conversation for internal client teams as well as competitive brands, Influencers, programs, products, marketing campaigns, and events.
  • You will deep dive into the data to uncover drivers of social buzz, then translates the data into a compelling story.
  • You’re accountable for deciphering what is important, meaningful data and then communicating the concise story in a way that allows the business to make decisions based on the reports.


Trend Spotting (Index Scoring & Validation)

  • You will monitor daily or upon ad-hoc requests various social listening and content monitoring towards trends and hot news..
  • You will create a semi-automated workflow that can pickup daily social triggers as guidance for internal and client teams. This would require quick thinking and fast turnaround on queries, and linking up with API access of tools to pull from selected data points. 

The Task At Hand

  • Consult stakeholders on topic definitions, social listening measures and filters to define objectives and set deliverables for standard and custom reports. 
  • Implement social analysis for campaigns/events and present insights back to inform content /Media decisions for campaign/event activities and advise on actions to take from optimizations standpoint.
  • Social listening tool setup including keywords, query parameters, and dashboards.
  • Take initiative on the refinement of query parameter setup to ensure accurate and insightful mention analysis is available to report on by the end of the reporting period.
  • Pull and interpret data from social listening tools including volume, sentiment, conversation drivers, influencers, etc.
  • Create and edit reporting deliverables for PowerPoint, Newsletter and Excel formats that transform social data into a clear story. Visualize findings legibly using charts, tables, and infographics, and provide actionable insights based on concrete data. 
  • Manage a deliverable calendar of recurring scheduled and ad hoc reports. 
  • Good housekeeping - upkeep of shared calendars and the storage of report agreement documents and delivered reports.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Marketing, Communications, Economics, Computer Science, Information technology or Human-Computer Interaction or related educational concentration
  • 2-3 years of professional experience in marketing/business analytics, statistical analysis, predictive modeling or segmentation experience setting 
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in online/social analytics
  • Be able to properly set expectations based on program scope, reporting schedules and follow through on delivery.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and proven ability to transform data into a concise, yet compelling story.
  • Ability to synthesize information and produce insightful and accurate analysis and recommendations.
  • Good mix of technical understanding, business sense, managerial/connecting and Interpersonal skills (Experience with Boolean, Python, Excel prototyping of data visualization or using a data visualization tool is critical for growing in this role)
  • Strong familiarity and understanding of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Instagram, Forums, Chat applications, is required.
  • Relevant experience pulling data from social media listening/analytics tools such as Crimson Hexagon, Sprinklr, SimplyMeasured, Google Studio,  etc.


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