We are seeking talented senior media analysts with analytical backgrounds to join our Paid Media Team. If you are familiar with the apac media landscape and speak Hindi, Korean or Thai. This job is for you :)

EXPERTISE - The skills and knowledge needed to excel in our roles. 

  • Places campaigns within paid social platforms and manages the ongoing real-time optimization of live media to ensure client goals are met and/or exceeded.
  • Collaborates with team on upcoming campaigns determining best platforms, target audience, and creative strategies to implement to develop media plans.
  • Monitors campaigns for performance and ensures campaigns are pacing accordingly, managing spend, troubleshooting campaigns, creating insights about performance, making updates accordingly and flagging potential issues to management.
  • Creates and presents client-facing campaign reporting by pacing reports, campaign build, ad-hoc analysis, and high-touch optimizations to ensure relevant metrics and insights are shown and make recommendations by condensing or strengthening key insights from campaign reports to optimize performance.
  • Manages platform relationships regularly via: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, etc.
  • Oversees Media Analysts bandwidth assisting in the training and development of new and existing Media Analysts on the team.
  • Ensures brand safety guidelines and prevents fraudulent digital impressions
  • Manages and accounts for the total utility and quality of standard reports
  • Ensures that platform best practices are met and new functionalities are vetted and used where appropriate.
  • Facilitates and plans direct buy campaigns with digital publishers.
  • Analyzes and generates cross-platform reports while monitors direct buy campaigns for performance.
  • Summarizes media spends and fills out billing.
  • Negotiates media cost with partners.
  • Creates partner IOs and works with legal

EXECUTION -Our ability to prioritise and deliver effectively with autonomy.

  • Delivers work independently on all tasks and achieves results at pace with energy and drive.
  • Actively participate in collaboration sessions with other teams.
  • Executes strong sense of priority level and urgency; and knows how to act on the critical difference between the two.
  • Operates the ongoing performance of different tasks or projects, as well as understanding and ownership of internal processes for quality assurance .
  • Administers agreed goals or projects by dealing to challenges in a responsive and constructive way.
  • Strives for zero mistakes or flagged internal process issues on work output.

LEADERSHIP -Our ability to maintain self-awareness and self-motivation while creating an impact thru sharing, learning, innovation and VaynerX culture sustainability.

  • Demonstrates behaviors such as teamwork, knowledge sharing, and building relationships across disciplines.
  • Assumes responsibility for decisions and outcomes pertaining to work output by self and team.
  • Supports managers to identify opportunities and challenges and recommend options for solutions

EMPATHY - Our ability to show compassion, manage diverse personalities while cultivating a sense of understanding.

  • Manages and mentors juniors or midlevels for growth and performance while providing frequent and actionable feedback on their work product
  • Seeks instruction, feedback, and coaching to improve performance
  • Contributes meaningfully to team culture and collaboration

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