You are helping to run and support the day-to-day management and organization of specific
projects as well as the overall account management. Including the daily blocking-and-tackling
needs. You have meticulous attention to detail and are working on establishing strong client
relationships by creating confidence in them and your team that you understand the business and
competitive landscape. Be the bigger person in every situation even if the other person is wrong.

● Responsibilities/Expectations

○ Client Management
■ Builds and maintains relationship as the lead on the day to day delivery of
specific project/campaign objectives. Responsible for interacting with
BM/ABM. Note that the AS should be comfortable within meetings with
Senior BM level and above, but won't necessarily be managing these day to
day relationships (dependent on the client and SOW)
■ Responsible for a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ business
and category, with the ability to translate business problems into digital
strategies and solutions
■ Works with clients, platform reps, and partner agencies to coordinate
inter-agency planning processes for the creation of complete integrated
marketing strategies in collaboration with all department leads

○ Business Strategy
■ Eat, breathe, and sleep today’s digital & mobile consumer, with one goal in
mind - to develop brand-specific strategies that, ultimately, help them sell shit
■ Strong working knowledge of creative and media across major digital and
social channels. Must be well versed in common marketing & media
principles with a strong understanding of the social media platforms and
their ecosystems.
■ Has a complete understanding of the business strategy and ensures that all
initiatives (supporting campaigns, creative, etc) are aligned
■ Strong understanding of IATs/IMCs, and the ability to present VM in a strong,
strategic way. AS should also have the ability to spot when another agency
poses a threat to our business and how to manage up and work around.
■ Practitioner-level knowledge of marketing (online and off), with a specialty in
online multimedia and advertising/media buying trends
■ Strong understanding of social media specs/platform capabilities
■ Knowledge of all of VM’s offerings, including Experience, VSolutions, UX,
Talent, etc. and know how and when to utilize these teams and their
■ Working knowledge of current video view ability standards
■ Influencer Marketing Knowledge
■ Emerging Tech Knowledge
■ PR Knowledge

○ Team Management: You are honing your management skills and you foster a culture
of empathy and partnership across the team
■ Strong management of day to day projects, ensuring effective collaboration
and execution
■ Supervises Junior Account team members on their brand, including strong
mentorship with AE and SAEs
■ Acts as a resource to all team members, focused on enabling their success,
and is actively involved in overall team health and culture
■ Able to recognize team issues/deficiencies and raise to senior team members
■ Strong ability to manage up to direct manager and to know when and how to
lean on senior leadership. Ability to delegate to junior team members,
exhibiting a clear understanding of process and campaign management
■ Develops trust, motivates and mentors teams. Partners with department
leads to optimize collaborative processes; fosters culture of empathy and
partnership especially in times when the need to discuss challenges arise.
■ Clear communicator to Strategy, Creative, IPM and Media teams, whether
delivering Client feedback or providing a POV.

○ Financial acumen + business health
■ Be able to anticipate production costs, logistics, watch-outs, and what ideas
are doable / not doable within a client budget
■ Ensures client relationship health is closely tracked and communicated to
leadership on a regular basis
■ Leads client communications around campaign finances and billing
■ Ensures all scopes and schedules are completed and signed in a timely
■ Contribute to the continued growth and stability of VaynerMedia, by being
empowered to make decisions that are best for the company both today and
■ Understanding of the importance of burn reports to help growth and
efficient running of the business

● Skills
○ Running internal and external meetings and ensuring agreements are met;
○ Ensuring that projects meet client-, agency- and regulatory requirements;
○ Managing budgets and timelines effectively.
○ Help to manage productions and up managing, side managing and down managing
○ Providing light, but meaningful, supervision and mentorship of SAEs, AEs
○ Participating in strategic initiatives with the objective of developing expertise;
○ Supporting and learning from Senior Account Director;

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