ustwo Games is a 25-person studio in London, best known as the creators of Monument Valley and Assemble With Care. We are a multi-discipline team drawing from a diverse range of experience and creative influences; our aim is to craft interactive entertainment with stand-out production values, heart and broad appeal.

We are looking for a Senior Programmer to help drive the technical development of our games from inception to delivery. This role is responsible for developing extraordinary games and promoting great collaboration between disciplines, ensuring overall engineering quality as part of a highly creative and skilled team.

What you'll be doing:

  • Within a programming team of between 3-4 other programmers, you will work together to realise a creative vision throughout the development cycle.
  • You will be able to architect, implement and maintain large gameplay systems with a high degree of autonomy and trust.
  • Be a creative voice throughout development, have the chance to not only concentrate on the implementation, but to care about what you are crafting and combine your intuition of gameplay to achieve creative and design goals.
  • Build a codebase that can be iterated during development and is performant and maintainable after release.
  • Help ensure that the work is correctly scoped and risk-profiled, and share technical understanding across disciplines.
  • Be a bastion for code quality and ensure good working practices are developed and maintained.
  • Use your wealth of development experience to share knowledge and help guide other developers across the entire studio.
  • Work closely with all other disciplines (Design, Art, Audio) to help everyone realise their creative and project goals.


  • 5+ years game development experience.
  • You have experienced at least one full production cycle.
  • Solid understanding and extensive experience of writing games in Unity/C#.
  • Strong design and creative intuition, understand how to take a feature from an idea to inspirational gameplay.
  • You can demonstrate broad knowledge of games engineering techniques, and can balance dogmatism against practicalities.
  • Strong experience working on 3D games and good 3D maths skills.
  • Understanding writing code that is performant, with the right balance of when to optimise, how to analyse, and common performance improvements.
  • You stay abreast of the games industry, and can identify trends and zeitgeist moments across platforms.


  • Cross platform development experience, particularly Console, PC/MacOS and Apple TV
  • Secondary skill sets (game design, art, audio etc.).
  • Graphics programming experience.
  • Audio programming experience.

Company Values

Craft - We excel at our craft, and are always striving to do better. Better craftsmanship results in higher quality products that our players trust and remember.

Reach - We create experiences that a wide variety of people can enjoy. We always aim to be inclusive, diverse and welcoming rather than exclusive.

Innovation - We aim to deliver new, unexpected and surprising experiences. This may take more time and wider research, but we believe it’s worth it.

Team - People do their best work when they feel supported, informed and creatively challenged. We trust in individuals, invest in our environment, communicate openly, and always strive to work better with each other. 


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