Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club stands as Europe's leading sport and wellness platform, catering to both B2C and B2B audiences. With unparalleled access to over 50 types of sports and partnerships with more than 11,000 venues across the continent, our platform serves as a gateway to a diverse array of fitness and wellness experiences. Whether you're an individual seeking to deepen your yoga practice in your local community or a corporate client looking to promote employee well-being through our extensive offerings, Urban Sports Club makes it possible with just one membership!

Headquartered in Berlin and bolstered by an additional seven European offices, Urban Sports Club is powered by a team of over 350 dynamic and forward-thinking individuals dedicated to our core mission: inspiring people to embrace active and healthy lifestyles. Within our diverse team, we uplift one another, challenge each other, and foster personal growth. We serve as both coaches and cheerleaders for one another, promoting a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Embodying our mantra of "WorkOUT Life Balance," we prioritize wellbeing in every aspect of our organization. Whether working from our office spaces or remotely, we strive to give our best, knowing when it's time to transition from work mode to relaxation. Join us in our goal to create a world where everyone finds joy in staying active and living well. Apply now and become part of the Urban Sports Club team!

Current Job Openings

Corporate Sales

Account Executive (all genders)
Munich, Hamburg, remote
Sales Manager (m/w/d)
Berlin, Cologne

Customer Experience

Customer Success Management B2B


Partner Management


Product Development

Staff Cloud Security Engineer (all genders)
Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid