Upbound.io is a cloud native computing startup on a mission to create the first open and community driven cloud computing platform. We are passionately leading a CNCF open source control plane effort, Crossplane.io, while building a commercial SaaS offering that enables enterprises to build, deploy and manage cloud native infrastructure for applications.

As a Sr. Solutions Engineer (SE) at Upbound, you'll be a vital part of our pre-sales team. Once a lead is discovered and qualified, the SE works directly with the customer to understand the technical business problem they are trying to solve. They will help customers navigate and understand the value Upbound products and solutions bring them. SEs build credible technical relationships with our customers by listening and then clearly communicating the value proposition of our products in a way that is contextualized to the customer’s specific needs.

SEs are deeply familiar with Upbound’s product roadmap and will intuit when to sell ahead of our product roadmap and when to focus on existing solutions based on the customer’s medium and long term vision. SEs are expected to deeply understand the key technical and economic buyer's personalities and what it will take to get them to sign a deal.

In this role, you will be...

  • Partnering with a Sales Rep to engage in technical discussions with customers throughout the buying lifecycle.
  • Working cross functionally with product marketing, and independently, to create and deliver high fidelity presentations, custom demos, sample solutions, and present use cases to guide the customer through the buying journey
  • Closely partnering with customers and platform builders to solve technical and business challenges which enables them to design, build and implement Crossplane and Upbound Cloud based control plane architectures.
  • Working directly with customers and platform builders to define, implement, and test out early proof of concepts of Crossplane and Upbound Cloud.
  • Collect detailed customer requirements so product and engineering can accurately estimate and resource the necessary implementation services.
  • The technical voice and trusted advisor to customer and represent the customer needs internally.
  • Project manage the account pre and post sale to ensure a smooth and frictionless customer experience through implementation in partnership with Solutions Architect and implementation teams. 

You are a good fit if you have...

  • Guided customers through designing and deploying Kubernetes to their production environments.
  • A deep understanding of highly scaled and reliable services, solutions, and infrastructure in multiple major cloud providers.
  • Worked directly with customers and/or open source community members to troubleshoot and solve their complex technical issues preventing successful adoption.
  • Deployed and integrated the projects and tools of the Cloud Native Landscape, especially CNCF projects, into production environments.
  • A deep understanding of modern operational and application delivery tools and methodologies inside of production deployment workflows, like those from HashiCorp (e.g. Terraform), CI/CD, IaC, and GitOps.
  • The ability to work closely with people in a wide variety of disciplines from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Successfully managed multiple projects and priorities in a fast paced and dynamic environment.
  • Successfully identified and removed friction from the buying process resulting in a more streamlined and shortened sales cycle.
  • Excitement and comfort being a key part of further defining, scaling, and making this part of our sales process thrive.

It is a plus if...

  • You are actively involved or have contributed to the upstream Kubernetes community.
  • You have a history of speaking at technology conferences, blogging/writing technical articles, and/or contributing to a popular open source project.
  • You have worked in a startup and distributed/remote team before, and understand the unique challenges of a startup environment.

We encourage people of all backgrounds, gender identities, ethnicities, ages, or any other descriptors that make you uniquely you, to apply with enthusiasm and confidence.  Upbound is a place where you can be 100% comfortable being you.

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