Millions of Americans have a right to financial programs like Medicaid, SNAP, and utility assistance. These programs offer significant material relief—and dramatically improved health outcomes—for the people who receive them. But enrolling in them is confusing and challenging, with complicated applications and arcane lists of required documents. That’s where Uno comes in.

Uno Health builds clever, accessible technology around diligent case management teams to guide Medicare patients down the easiest possible paths to receiving their benefits. We’ve made it our mission to take care of all the messy processes and paperwork and to connect as many people as we can with critical government programs.  

Founders Anna de Paula Hanika (Clover) and Chloé Phitoussi (Oscar) have first-hand experience in developing strategies to make people’s lives better while unlocking extra revenue for their insurers. They have top-tier support: Uno’s investors include Floodgate (Lyft, Twitter, Twitch), Cowboy Ventures (Lending Home, DocSend), and some brilliant individual healthcare and technology leaders. 

About the Role

We are looking for a data analyst to expand upon our core analytics models and use them to support ongoing operations, product, and sales efforts on both ad-hoc and long-term projects. We need someone confident but humble and eager to grow who will be a leader in our data-focused organization.

Your first 3 months look like…

You’ll come in swinging. After taking some time to study our data stack on both a conceptual and practical level, you’ll start working with people around the company to figure out what they want to know, how best for them to learn it, and how to prioritize it in your project queue. 

  • You will support our expansion to five new customers in Q1 2022 by ensuring all our ongoing reporting, internal and external, is ready to roll.
  • You will build the analytical infrastructure necessary to help Uno track the efficiency of every part of its operations team.
  • You will serve in the front lines when there’s an urgent need for data analysis by putting together clean—and, preferably, sustainable—reports and clearly communicating what you’ve found. When you’ve got a big queue of requests, you’ll work with the head of Product to prioritize which analyses to work on in what order and ensure that the people who need your help have clear expectations of when they can receive it.
  • And, of course, you will become an expert in using (and abusing) Metabase, our BI software. You will help your peers and colleagues learn how to use our tools so they can start answering their own questions—maybe you’ll even start Uno’s SQL school.

...and beyond?

  • You will design and implement the analytics infrastructure that enables you (and our team!) to conduct deeper, more nuanced analyses of Uno’s funnel
  • You will aid in our efforts to develop more robust testing of our messaging and product releases.
  • You will get to conceive, design, and build replicable studies Uno can share with its customers.

This role requires

  • 5+ years of using SQL regularly — people come to you for query help. You have fully-formed opinions about how you structure your databases and format your code and do so consistently. You know when and how to create a function.
  • Proficiency with Excel (or Google Sheets)—if it comes in a .csv, you know how to parse it. Python/pandas is great too.
  • The ability to think clearly and make tricky tradeoffs to prioritize a list of competing priorities when multiple people need your help on short notice.
  • The legendary “gumption” — you’re eager to scope and conquer projects on your own and set off in directions you find interesting.
  • Great intuition when it comes to navigating a database and figuring out how to locate information you need.
  • A firm understanding of how to find answers to things you don’t already know — Google, StackOverflow, very specific subreddits, the works.
  • We use Metabase, dbt, Snowflake, Salesforce, and Fivetran. It would help if you were familiar with one or all of these.

You may be a good fit for this role if you…

  • Sincerely enjoy helping your peers; if you feel genuine elation when they learn how to use the tools and tables you’ve shown or built for them. 
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, scrappy startup environment.
  • Care about healthcare and health inequity.
  • Want a hands-on role in all sides of a start-up, from operations to strategy to sales.
  • Have an NPS >90 with your grandparents and their friends.


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