Us is a Seattle-based stealth startup, founded by a team of engineers formerly from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and most recently, Lyft. We contribute to Flyte, an open source platform originally developed at Lyft for orchestrating massively scalable machine learning and data processing pipelines running on Kubernetes. 

These pipelines power some of the most popular apps on your phone, as well as applications in diverse industries such as song sharing, vaccine research, early cancer detection, global map rendering, and piloting autonomous vehicles. Financially, we are backed by top-tier Silicon Valley investors.

The Role

Our back end engineers work on unsolved distributed systems problems at the edge of K8s at scale.  Most of our work is in open source.  You will be able share your work with the community, and build your public reputation as an engineer.    


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • We are considering candidates with at least 2-3 years of experience building core distributed services and high performance systems engineering
  • Design large scale, multi-tenant distributed control planes that manage complicated ML and Data Processes
  • Design modern Golang based gRPC services
  • Build core algorithms to help distributed ML and Data systems scale more easily
  • Build distributed scheduling systems on Kubernetes
  • Build elegant, expressive APIs that delight our customers - ML Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Systems Administrators. 
  • Manage terabytes of data in an efficient and secure manner
  • Implement high performance Golang applications that can scale to millions of operations per second
  • Work with the open source community and internal team members to deliver value across multiple organizations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to ensure rich collaboration with a global team and the open-source community
  • Expertise in maintaining and debugging live software systems
  • Ability to identify tasks which require automation and carry out the automation process


  • Fast-growing company with evolving challenges and opportunities to grow into almost any role you can fulfill
  • Competitive salary and excellent benefits for you and your family
  • Meaningful equity - we want all employees to be owners
  • Flexible work schedule, open to part time
  • Working with a pretty good crew of friendly nerds
  • Free snacks and beverages post COVID...

And Last

We value diversity across many dimensions: age, gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, country of origin, economic background.  We want everyone to feel at home working here, and we know we are stronger when the team is composed of people who bring broad life experiences to the table. We especially value gumption, so overcoming challenges of any kind in your life will resonate with us.  If in doubt, reach out.

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