Nuclyde builds open source orchestration platforms for managing massively scalable distributed compute pipelines. If you think that sounds complicated you are right. 

These pipelines are running today powering some of your favorite apps on your phone.  The engineers, data scientists, and system administrators that manage these pipelines rely on visual management and measurement tools that we build to help them understand the state of things -- past, present, and future. 

We seek a senior user experience designer to lead our efforts to delight these people. The challenge is to present information that is inherently complex in an approachable yet efficient way. It is a difficult problem. Solving it well is core to our business success.  We seek a senior partner who is looking for a big challenge and who is bold.  

You should have at least 3-5 years experience designing interactive web applications, preferably for people at work.  You should have a track record of designing user experiences that convey large amounts of information in an approachable, progressively exposed way.  You should have demonstrated success working closely with senior software engineers to understand user stories outside of your personal experience.  Your designs should be both aesthetically pleasing and accessible to people of all abilities.  You should be able to define and explain a visual design language and palette that engineers and product managers can understand and extend to new ideas to delight our users. You possess the soft skills to craft consensus, or at least working agreement, from diverse stakeholders. 

We expect to grow a team of UX designers over time. Team building and leadership skills are a bonus.   


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