At Udelv, we are creating a new type of driverless delivery vehicle. We are first-movers in the autonomous delivery sector and were the first to complete a commercial last mile autonomous delivery on public streets in the US. Udelv is using advanced transportation and autonomous driving technologies to revolutionize logistics. The company recently announced a breakthrough partnership with Mobileye, an Intel company, to use Mobileye’s autonomous driver on its next-generation vehicle, the Transporter. We have also announced the largest pre-order to date in the autonomous vehicle industry with a 1,000 Transporter pre-order from Donlen, one of America’s largest commercial fleet management companies.

Udelv’s mission is to reinvent and become the dominant player of the fast growing trillion-dollar global delivery market by reducing delivery costs up to 50%, lowering carbon emissions and making our roads safer and less congested.

Current Job Openings

Autonomy & Vehicle Programs

Lead Systems Engineer
Burlingame, CA

Cloud Robotics & Simulation


Electrical Engineer
Burlingame, CA

General & Administrative

Chief Financial Officer
Burlingame, CA
Technical Sourcer
Burlingame, CA

Integration Engineering

IT & Infrastructure

Senior DevOps Engineer
Burlingame, CA

Mobile & Software Applications


Sales & Marketing

Account Executive
Burlingame, CA