The short & sweet summary. 

Twine helps companies like Zapier, Credit Karma, and DollarShaveClub make smarter people decisions - like how to predict turnover, build diverse and high-performing teams, and compensate fairly.

We’re hiring a Lead Data Engineer to design and build the complex data systems that power our product and business. We’ll give you as much opportunity as you can handle. This will be a transformational, career-defining choice for you (and for us!) as Twine continues to grow.

Your responsibilities.

You’ll own our data systems - everything from building new API integrations (Python) for our ETL pipelines (Airflow), to designing new data schemas (Postgres) to support our people analytics product.

We’re building software that relies on our ability to understand and manage people data at scale - across thousands of clients and hundreds of systems. You’ll create the foundation that powers massive product and business growth.

What you’ll accomplish.

In your first week, you’ll:

  • Deploy to production with a simple bug fix or product improvement, and pair-program with a Twine engineer to learn how we build. In fact, you’ll do this on your first day. (Even though you’ll focus on our data systems, you’ll need to understand our downstream product that uses this data to help users.)
  • Get personally on-boarded by Twine’s founders and learn more about the company’s mission, culture, and values. You’ll write a user manual and a Personal Development Plan outlining exactly how you want to grow over the next 6-12 months.
  • Join our weekly sprints and start picking up projects alongside other engineers that contribute to our product and engineering roadmaps.

In your first month, you’ll:

  • Own a small but important launch. You might build a (tested, reliable, and highly performant) data integration with a new employee performance data provider - helping expand Twine’s data footprint. Or you might redesign a core compensation data model so we can more easily model and compare employee salaries over time.
  • Understand our data platform and architecture. You’ll understand how our data pipelines have been built and deployed (mostly Python ETL scripts, orchestrated in Airflow, run on AWS). And you’ll start brainstorming ideas on how to improve the system.

 In your first six months, you’ll:

  • Fully own the data systems and roadmap. With more projects under your belt, you’ll have a full understanding of our data systems, and how they need to evolve to meet new business challenges. That might mean distributed systems, or stream processing.
  • Help achieve 100% data quality. You’ll set a high standard for data integrity in our system, making sure we have a world-class data pipeline with monitoring and visibility around any issues that impact data quality.
  • Look back and see your immense growth. You’ll look back after a year at Twine and realize you've grown 10x as fast as you would have anywhere else! 

What will help you succeed.

  • Experience building modern, complex data systems. You’ve ideally spent 5+ years building (and refactoring) data pipelines that process complex data, and you’ve learned best practices for the modern data stack.
  • Extremely high standards and attention to detail. You take pride in your work being verifiably correct - in dealing with edge cases and documenting your assumptions. And you know how to build systems that provide the visibility and monitoring to quickly detect and resolve issues.
  • Love of learning and growth. You’ll join a world-class team, with investors and advisors who are founders/CTOs of billion-dollar companies. You’re inspired to work with great people who hold themselves and each other to high standards. You’ll have massive ownership and a steep learning curve, picking up new responsibilities as you grow.

More about Twine.

Our team: Our CEO, Joseph, spent years immersed in people analytics research and helped found an innovation team at Nike that grew 10X in a year. He’s also an Inc. 30 Under 30 recipient. Our CTO, Nikhil, studied physics & CS at Harvard and has spent a decade building products in data analytics and machine learning.

Our values:

  • Be intellectually curious and humble. Have an insatiable desire to learn, not to be right. Be a “learn-it-all,” not a know-it-all. Have strong convictions, but listen to and learn from others.
  • Believe in exceptional outcomes. Believe that ordinary people can do incredible things with the right attitude and will. Be positive, inspiring, and optimistic. (At the same time, acknowledge the demanding work ethic and drive required for success.)
  • Get it done. Focus on rapid learning and execution, and be willing to roll up your sleeves and contribute any way possible. Be indomitably resourceful, drive through obstacles, and deliver on goals.
  • Help others be great. Treat your teammates, customers, and partners with respect and kindness. Have a positive impact on others in all interactions.

If the role isn’t an exact fit but you’re interested in learning more, send us a thoughtful note! We’re also hiring for full-stack and back-end engineers :)

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