The short & sweet summary. 

Twine helps companies make smarter people decisions: how to hire faster and more efficiently, how to reward great performers, how to predict turnover, how to help employees grow, etc.

We’re backed by founders of billion dollar companies (MuleSoft, MobileIron), thought leaders in people analytics (Adam Grant), and Sand Hill Road VCs - many of whom have remarked we’re the strongest team in their portfolio. Our SaaS analytics product (React/Django) is used by dozens of leading companies, including Segment, CreditKarma, DollarShaveClub, OnDeck and many more!

Now we’re growing, and fast. We’re hiring a success engineer to help our clients solve their most important data problems and get incredible value from the Twine product. We’ll give you as much opportunity as you can handle. This will be a transformational, career-defining choice for you (and for us!) as Twine continues to grow.

Who you are:

  • A technical swiss army knife. You’re comfortable writing SQL queries, Python scripts, even building Google Sheets to transform data. You’re no stranger to data analysis and visualization - whatever it takes to find and deliver insights from data.
  • A problem solver who loves helping people succeed. You love helping users, especially if that’s by solving challenging data problems! You know how to listen closely to pain points and understand user feedback precisely. You’re an ever-present and vocal advocate for our clients. 
  • Smart, driven, and incredibly ambitious. You’ll join a small, world-class team (Palantir/Airbnb/Harvard/Wharton) building a product that people love. Your role has unlimited potential: it can easily grow into product manager, full-stack/front-end engineer, or success engineering lead.

What you’ll do:

  • Help clients achieve success with Twine, by any means necessary. You’ll help onboard new clients and educate them on our product, join client meetings to understand pain points and requirements, and support ongoing client requests over email/Slack/Intercom.
  • Run custom analytics projects that deliver value directly to clients. We’re insanely focused on making our clients successful - and that means more than just giving them access to our product. You’ll lead custom projects that answer critical questions for HR leaders - like where top performers come from and how to retain them, or how to improve diversity in the workforce.
  • Improve the Twine product by building features that unlock value for users. By truly understanding user needs, you'll help make our product more valuable, engaging, and delightful. You'll design and build features that improve user experiences and you'll contribute to software testing/development for our core analytics software (Python, Django, React, Redux, d3).

What you’ve done:

We invest in raw talent and potential over credentials. But regardless of background, we look for demonstrated excellence and high levels of performance:

  • 2+ years experience working with clients to deliver technical solutions. This experience can have come from an internal or client-facing role.
  • Ability to solve complex data problems with a variety of tools. You should be familiar with SQL query logic, and comfortable analyzing real-world data in Python/R as well as business intelligence tools like Excel or Tableau/Looker.
  • Excellent technical communication skills. You'll be constantly writing, reading, and speaking to explain complex analytical concepts - and you should be comfortable with both technical and non-technical audiences. 

More about Twine

Our team: Starting this company is in our DNA. Our CEO, Joseph, spent years immersed in people analytics research and the "quantified self" movement at Wharton & Berkeley, and helped found an innovation team at Nike that grew 10X in a year. Our CTO, Nikhil, graduated from Harvard and spent a decade building products and leading teams in enterprise analytics and machine learning. Our engineering team hails from Airbnb and Palantir, and has built transformative consumer and enterprise products. 

Our investors: We’ve raised millions from Silicon Valley VCs and angel investors who have founded billion-dollar companies and established themselves as thought leaders. Some of these people include MuleSoft founder Ross Mason, author/professor Adam Grant, and Google/Facebook product visionary Gokul Rajaram

Our values: 

  • Be intellectually curious and humble. Have an insatiable desire to learn and seek the truth, not to be right. Be a “learn-it-all,” not a know-it-all.
  • Be relentlessly resourceful. Be unstoppable in achieving your goals. Bring proactivity, energy, and intensity to every problem and obstacle. Always look for creative solutions.
  • Help people be great. Treat your teammates, customers, and partners with respect and kindness. Be present. Inspire and support people to do their best work.
  • Think and work deeply. Carve out time for uninterrupted work and first-principled, long-term thinking. Be thoughtful, insightful, and innovative.

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