We're the Carbon Transformation Company

We're Twelve, the carbon transformation company—a new kind of chemical company that makes things from air, not oil. Our breakthrough technology eliminates emissions by transforming CO2 into critical materials, products and fuels. 

When it comes to addressing climate change, carbon isn’t our nemesis. To the contrary, we see carbon as the element of change. Carbon isn’t just the building block of life, it’s the building block of the chemicals, materials and fuels that make up our modern world and power innovation. From the spring in our running shoes to our favorite electronics, to building materials, electric car parts and fuels, carbon makes it possible. The problem is we get this carbon today from fossil fuels in the form of petrochemicals, which creates CO2 emissions and accelerates climate change.

Carbon transformation fundamentally changes this paradigm by sourcing carbon from CO2 instead of fossil fuels. By replacing the fossil carbon in critical chemicals with renewable, recycled carbon from CO2, we can eliminate emissions from thousands of essential products and set a new standard for how things get made in the climate era.


We're Building a Team That's Never Existed Before

At Twelve, we combine multiple scientific, engineering and operational disciplines to take our technology from the original science to an industrial solution that puts a dent in climate change. It takes everybody and more to create an entirely new industry based on a technology that never existed before. 


Join Our Mission to Build a Climate-Positive World and Fossil-Free Future

We are on a mission to build a fossil free-future, and reinvent what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era. Our carbon transformation technology is the keystone of a circular, non-extractive, fossil-free chemical and energy system of the future. Join us!


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