Tweag is a software innovation lab with a global team of thoughtful and friendly engineers, working together to build better software by applying mathematics, computer science and the methods of open source.

Our high-profile community projects and contributions are driven by experience helping deep tech startup clients quickly scale their engineering performance and execute on high-risk, high-reward projects with confidence.

We are big on composable software: functional, typed, immutable. In our client projects, we apply these principles to build tooling for efficient, reproducible and maintainable systems in complex industry sectors such as biotech, retail, finance and autonomous vehicles.

Tweag has a long track record and strong reputation in the functional programming community. We are active contributors to GHC, have full-time researchers on staff to fund new language features (like linear types and dependent types), instigated the creation of the Haskell Foundation, and created many new libraries and tools in Haskell. We are the top contributors to Nix and were the first to be labeled Bazel Community Expert, because we’re passionate about the impact of great developer tools.

We're looking for exceptional engineers with Scala experience to join our team, either remote or onsite at our office in the centre of Paris. Most of our engineers work remote.

You will:

  • work embedded in a client team on distributed systems, web services, compilers or developer tools, with their engineers and other Tweagers, or
  • work on improving our many research and community projects, or
  • any combination of the two, either simultaneously or in sequence.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Strong knowledge of Java and Scala.
  • A learning mindset, regardless of level or experience.
  • Interest in – and some experience of – open source community contributions
  • A desire to regularly communicate new learnings.
  • An empathetic, humble, and client-focused ethos.
  • Strong organizational and task management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, especially written. We are a distributed team so we’re extra mindful about communication.

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