Tweag is a software innovation lab that helps deep tech startups quickly scale their engineering performance and execute on high-risk, high-reward projects with confidence. We find the best wherever they live, to build better software by applying mathematics, computer science and the methods of open source.

Our core engineering mantras: functional, typed, immutable. These are the key technologies for composable software. We are the maintainers of - and contributors to - many open source projects to promote these principles. We’re hot on creating tooling for reproducible builds and deployments. Today we are the top contributor to Nix, we are the inventors of Nickel, and we actively contribute to other projects like Bazel, NixOS, NixOps, Trustix and many more.

We're looking for engineers passionate about build automation, developer productivity and infrastructure as code who share our mission to make all software and infrastructure reproducible and composable. Own and drive key initiatives that support the developer workflow from PR to release.

You are the right person for this position if you have been in the industry for some time. You should apply if you have stories about the many mistakes you made in production or about developer experience.

You are the right person for this position if you have already worked with some of the following technologies: Bazel, Kubernetes, AWS or GCP, container registries, Terraform. Knowing Nix is a bonus, but we can teach you Nix in no time.

This position is full-time and fully remote, unless you prefer to join our Paris office.

To give you a glimpse what kinds of questions we ask, here is one:

How did you manage secrets at previous work? What were the pros and cons? Would you use something else if given another chance?

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