We're looking for a UXUI designer ready to tackle any challenge and push our user platform to the next level. You'll be working in a cross-collaborative team working within a Scrum framework and adopting agile attitudes to bring exceptional designs to our users faster.

What we believe

Tumelo is an investor-backed, impact-driven, financial technology firm. In our vision, a decade from now, every investor will be empowered to use their shareholder rights.

We believe the modern shareholder ownership system is broken. Trillions of pounds are invested every year by people who don't even know what investment means, where their money is going, how it affects the world or their financial outcome, or what they can do about any of that.

We believe investors in the stock market (pension members, retail investors and asset owners, like trustees) should be aware of and connected to the companies they are invested in; should have influence and a voice at those companies; should have access to their shareholder rights. We believe big companies have the power to break or make our planet. What shareholders demand, and hold them accountable for, really matters.

Big change takes time but we are patient and ambitious in equal measure; influencing the system, building a movement, empowering the world. Our mission is to build and scale the technology to make that possible.

What we do

We partner with UK's largest investment and pension platforms, empowering them to provide their investors with transparency over the companies they own and a shareholder voice on issues they care about, whether that be gender equality, human rights or climate change. We build APIs and beautiful user interfaces to deliver a totally unique user experience. We give platforms better engagement, acquisition and retention, coupled with the power to create a sustainable investment system for us all.

We're a close-knit, ambitious team. We're based mostly in and around the South West. We work in an agile manner; championing transparency and flexibility while prioritising open communication. We love food, rounders, board games and team holidays (everything from canvas painting to cliff jumping in Devon).

Our Values:

  1. We do our best work to achieve our vision

  2. We pull together to achieve more for users & customers

  3. We are masters of prioritisation

  4. We adapt relentlessly

  5. We give each other feedback to move each other forwards

  6. We trust each other to drive towards success

The Role

The purpose of this role is to contribute to the design of an awesome digital experience that our users and partners love and absolutely cannot get enough of. 

The role objectives are to:

  1. Use your design skills to craft the most amazing user experiences across iOS, Android and Desktop. Together, our design team shapes our product.

  2. Create early, conceptual wireframes for user testing, and final working prototypes for validation before technical build.

  3. Collaborate with technical engineers to bring validated ideas to life.

  4. Bring your experience of taking digital products from early concept to launch day and beyond.

  5. Champion the design process and inspire creative thinking.

To reach these objectives you will: 

  • Be passionate about excellent design, UI and UX

  • Apply your deep and established understanding of user-centred design and design thinking principles for responsive and adaptive digital experiences; having learnt from past successes and failures.

  • Work within a Scrum framework and adopt agile attitudes to bring exceptional designs to users faster.

  • Generate new ideas and design iterations on a weekly basis, ready for user testing.

  • Prototype designs for user testing or to communicate ideas across the company.

  • Collaborate with our technical engineers to balance feasibility with ideas that push the boundaries.

  • Get stuck in solving complex design challenges as and when they arise. 

  • Consider the full, end-to-end UX/UI life cycle. 

  • Develop designs that align and complement our existing UI.

  • Advocate for the user, and use research results to inform your designs.

  • Translate design concepts into tickets for software development. You will write these with the support of a cross-discipline team.

  • Work closely within a multidisciplinary team including research, design, developers, content writers, marketing and business development.

  • Present your work and ideas to the company and our customers.

  • Get involved in different aspects of digital product development. You might become a feature champion or you might move around squads to work on a range of UX and UI projects. 

  • Understand our market and our brand.

We have industry-leading customers who love our product; heaps of energy; and the opportunity of a lifetime lying ahead of us (see this article about us from the CEO of Aviva Investors). With that in mind, we are looking for a passionate designer to form part of our small, but brilliant design team driving our product towards success.

Who you are:

  • You encapsulate our company values.

  • You inspire trust and invest in long-term relationships. 

  • You live and breathe good design.

  • You're a natural creative who loves to think outside the box.

  • You love working collaboratively across teams and welcome ideas from all.

  • You're good at moving projects forward and making things happen.

  • You have excellent, hands-on knowledge of Adobe CC.

  • You're a self-starter; not afraid to get stuck in or get your hands dirty.

  • You have an entrepreneurial, problem-solving spirit.  

  • You're interested to be in/or have experience within a start-up environment (fast-paced/ever-evolving).

  • You can multi-task; handle high pressure and tight deadlines. 

  • You are always looking at where you can add value with your skills across the business.

  • You have great attention to detail.

  • You love to share your knowledge and insights in design with the team.

  • You know the power of good communication; your spoken and written English is brilliant. And you know how to speak the language of different teams: from tech to marketing, to design and sales. 

  • You have the capacity and willingness to learn, improvise and adapt relentlessly.

  • You are a great listener and always follow through. 

  • You love to get feedback and are proactive about giving it. 

  • You are not afraid to ask for help when you need it. 

  • You are passionate about social or environmental issues. 

  • You have a strong design portfolio.

It takes all kinds. We are trying to build a team that can conquer every challenge, speak every language, and understand every user. We have an ambitious mission to change the world so we hope to lead by example with a diverse and inclusive team that reflects the world we want to see. For the time being, you must have the right to work in the UK.

Desirable experience: 

These are desirable rather than essential criteria. We welcome applications from people who do not have all the listed criteria but think they have what it takes and a willingness to learn by doing. 

  1. You have 3 years (or more) of experience as a UX/UI designer in a responsive (digital) environment.

  2. You have experience working on a wide range of design projects and can understand how to apply UX/UI design principles across industries. This might include work at financial technology companies, at a start-up or at a user experience agency.

  3. You have experience working in a cross-functional, Scrum team.

  4. You have experience of using gamification to create engaging digital products that keep users coming back.

  5. You have experience of designing digital products to accessibility standards.

  6. You have experience or have been involved in UX research in the past. Whether you have been running the sessions or involved in an observation capacity, you've seen how research interfaces with design, specifically for IOS, web and android.

  7. You have an established design process but you're flexible and ready to deal with new challenges. 

  8. You have experience with videography. 

Why Tumelo?

If you're such a superstar, we recognise you can probably work anywhere you want to. But working here, you'll grow more than you would anywhere else; you will join a team who will appreciate you every day; your contributions will genuinely change our business outcome; and you will be proud to make a lasting, positive impact on the global investment system. And with that, we hope to hear from you!

The finer detail:


- £25k - £38k.  Salary is dependent on experience, however if you fall outside of this bracket and think you can make an important contribution to Tumelo's growth please do still apply - we are open to all types of applicant and will assess each person individually.

- Generous company share scheme - we are all owners of Tumelo and beneficiaries of our collective success

- 5% employer pension contribution

- Flexible holiday policy - 33 days including bank holidays 


Working culture/location

There's plenty of work for this role to be full time, but if you need something different please apply anyway. Tumelo has a super flexible working culture: the team is online and available from 10 - 3, Monday - Friday (save for lunch or sport breaks) and can work whenever they like outside of that. We have office space in Bristol that gets used regularly but coming in is totally optional. All we ask is that everyone comes together once per month, usually in Bristol, for a team social and strategy day (arranged well in advance and especially fun).

We have a super flexible culture and our team have lots of different things going on outside of work that we want to help them balance. However, as you might expect at a fast-growing start-up, it's high adrenaline and hard work here.

Our culture is very autonomous and you'll be empowered to work on what and how you like to generate results. If you're self-determined and want to be accountable to your team, instead of a line manager, this role is for you.


Application details

Recruitment process:

  • Initial application (see below)

  • Technical interview (30 mins)

  • Technical Task (~3 hours)

  • Task presentation & self-evaluation (30 mins)

  • Values-based interview (45 mins)

There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout. If Tumelo sounds a bit like you and if you are excited to ride this rollercoaster alongside us, then please apply!

Start date: ASAP

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