Tucows Co-op and Internship Program

We're a group of companies working towards #MakingTheInternetBetter

We do a lot, but at our core, we're in the business of keeping people connected and keeping the Internet open.

We're made up of three companies: Tucows Domains, Ting, and Wavelo.

As Tucows Domains, we help people find their place online as the world's largest domain name wholesaler and the second-largest domain registrar globally.

As Ting Internet, we deliver high-speed fiber internet service to communities across the United States. We are modernizing city infrastructures and helping families and businesses alike access the power of the Internet.

As Wavelo, We believe the future of telecom is simple. We build telecom billing and operations software for Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Fiber Internet Services.


[It's pronounced two-cows, btw.]


Our Story

We've been around since the dawn of the Internet, find out what we've been up to since 1993:

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