Job Description:

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with deployment / infrastructure management experience to help us continue to grow and expand our successful Truepic Vision enterprise software product. Though frontend familiarity is a nice to have, this role will have more emphasis on backend development and infrastructure / DevOps components. The Truepic Vision product is used by a growing and diverse array of enterprise clients and this role will have a high impact on our company top and bottom line from day one!

Core Responsibilities:

  • Contributing to backend API software development for Vision and SDK
  • Owning DevOps & deployments for Vision API and Vision UI
  • Contributing to AWS security / cost / optimizations
  • Feature implementation in our Node.js API backend
  • Owning internal and external facing API’s
  • Ensuring high availability and performance of our production image and data processing pipeline
  • Ensuring the security and correctness of our deployment workflow and AWS infrastructure environment
  • Contribute to and maintain a suite of high quality unit tests with exceptional code coverage
  • Provide technical direction and evaluation of project requirements
  • Give and receive code review feedback from teammates to improve code quality as it’s being written

You will succeed in this role if you:

  • Have 5+ years experience in SaaS web development
  • Have a good understanding of the following technology stack: NodeJS + Express, RDS MySQL, Ansible, Terraform, Amazon AWS
  • Are familiar with infrastructure and application security requirements for enterprise applications
  • Are familiar with modern CI/CD tools and workflows (CircleCI, Github Actions, etc)
  • Have some server administration experience managing cloud application architecture on AWS infrastructure
  • Give and receive code review feedback from teammates to improve code quality as it’s being written


TRUEPIC is developing a first-of-its-kind authenticity layer for the internet by providing 3rd party certification for images and videos. Our platform ensures that an image is 100% unaltered, unfiltered, and uneditable. We’re working with a wide variety of companies to provide 100% authentic & original photos using our proprietary technology.

Our company is headquartered in beautiful San Diego, California, with an entirely remote workforce, unless of course you want to join us by the beach! We believe there’s no reason to be stuck in an office all day with the ability to connect from all over the country. Our team has the flexibility to work from wherever they choose as long as they’re able to join meetings remotely and complete their work.

We believe that being authentic matters. It’s at the core of human relationships and all things we consider to be good. If bringing a layer of truth to images across the internet gets you excited, we hope to hear from you!

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