Project Description

Participate in the infrastructure development of an advanced business analytics tool, employing state-of-the-art data-streaming and data-classification techniques along with machine learning, image recognition, risk analysis and fraud detection algorithms.

  • Essentials
    • 5+ years working on software development professionally.
    • Have a solid foundation as a Node and, or React developer. Preferably both.
    • Experience working with an industry-standard stack for each technology (like Redux, MobX / Express, Sails, Hapi)
    • Experience with containerized application development (Docker).
    • Design and implementation principles and technologies for public cloud, AWS, GCP, or Azure


    It will be nice if you also know
    • How to work with containerization-related technologies like Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, AWS ECS, or AWS ECR.
    • How to create or work in a distributed architecture using MicroServices and platforms like Eureka, AWS Kinesis, Kafka, and others.
    • Unstructured data storage (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, DocumentDB)
    • How to set up and maintain a CI environment to enable continuous delivery



  • Payment in USD
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms
  • Remote workshops & activities

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