We are looking for engineers with the following qualifications:

  • 5+ years working on the role professionally or developing software
  • A holistic quality mindset that would allow you to contribute to quality from requirements, to software development process, to full test automation including services and API, and UI.
  • Ability to do manual or automated testing as required and balance the amount of automation required in each context.
  • Experience working with some of the industry standard tools & frameworks (like: SoapUI, Postman, Selenium, pytest, nightwatch, Katalon, Appium, Cucumber, etc.)
  • The ability to craft high end coded tests and scripts using Node.js, Java, Python or NetCore.
  • Capacity of working with data to assert test cases execution or prepare the environment for it.
  • Be able to understand and suggest different types of testing needed for each part of the SDLC: Smoke, Exploratory, E2E, Regression, Performance, Stress, etc
  • Strong computer science foundation.

We'll be excited to reach out to you if also know:

  • How to work and set up CI/CD as part of the quality assurance process.
  • How to work with applications and services on the public cloud, AWS, GCP or Azure.
  • How to set up, run and monitor load and performance tests.
  • Create and manage test plans including strategy, test environments, etc.


  • Payment in USD
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms
  • Remote workshops & activities

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