Hiring is broken, we are building a better, more data driven system to fix it.

What’s happening at Triplebyte:

  • We’re solving a problem everyone knows. If you’ve ever been turned away from a role that you know you'd be great for, because of your resume, you know what we're trying to fix
  • Our leadership has a proven track record of founding, building, and selling successful companies.
  • Our approach to identifying talent is working. We've already achieved profitability and raised close to $50M to date from some of the smartest investors in the world, including YC Continuity, Founders Fund, Initialized Capital, Paul Graham and Sam Altman.
  • Our team is less than 100 people, so you’d have a high impact on how we grow. Picking an early startup to join is tough, but the things to look for are a strong team, traction, and a large market. It’s rare to find a team as small as ours that has all three.
  • We're building a team with a wide array of diverse backgrounds, tied together by a shared motivation to get help get jobs for software engineers of all backgrounds

Current Job Openings


Engineering Manager
San Francisco, CA


Director of Marketing
San Francisco, CA