We're trying to create a more just tech industry by fixing hiring for Software Engineers

What’s happening at Triplebyte:

We’re solving a problem everyone knows. If you’ve ever been turned away from a role that you know you'd be great for because of your resume, you know what we're trying to fix. 

Picking an early startup to join is tough, but the things to look for are a strong team, traction, and a large market. It’s rare to find a team as small as ours that has all three. We've raised close to $50M to date from some of the smartest investors in the world, including YC Continuity, Founders Fund, Initialized Capital, Paul Graham and Sam Altman. Our leadership has a proven track record of founding, building, and selling successful companies. 

We're building a team with a wide array of diverse backgrounds, tied together by a shared motivation to get help get jobs for software engineers of all backgrounds. Our team is less than 75 people, so you’d have a high impact on how we grow. If you're on board with this mission, check out our openings!

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