TripAdvisor is looking for an experienced engineering leader for its LA office. The expectation is that the LA office will expand over time – both for TA-Demand and for other engineering teams.  The LA engineering leader will be responsible for supporting and managing this growth including:

  • Hiring
  • Developing talent
  • Creating and nurturing a productive and collaborative office culture
  • Advocating for the office generally
  • Creating and maintaining effective relationships with other offices –HQ and Sydney
  • Creating and maintaining effective relationships with other team leaders

While managing the long-term growth of the office will become more important over time, the current responsibilities are primarily managing the west coast TA-Demand engineers.  The west coast TA-Demand team consists of twelve engineers in the LA office and three more working from their homes (Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, Hawaii); the east coast TA-Demand team consists of nine engineers at HQ in the Boston area.  As with all management jobs, the primary metric for success is that the team executes well.  In this case, executing well will require collaboration across both business “pillars” and geography. 

The primary collaboration occurs between the west coast and east coast engineers on TA-Demand.  We currently collaborate very well, but this kind of distributed development requires constant care and feeding.

 Day to day responsibilities include:

  • Technical Management:
    • Maintaining high standards for quality of work
    • Managing talent – using the talent we have well, and stretching talent so it grows
    • Evolving our process – to deal with growth and increased collaboration with other teams.
    • Monitoring our code review process for direct reports
      • Includes doing code reviews, but mostly making sure the process works
    • Monitoring our operational effectiveness process for direct reports
  • Organizational Effectiveness:
    • On the team – making sure the distributed team functions well => lots of communication
    • Collaborating with peers elsewhere in the org – communicating effectively and responding appropriately
    • Making the office function well for other teams who have engineers working in the office
  • Hiring:
    • We expect the office to grow, and we need someone who can hire effectively


The TA Attractions team is actually a part of the overall Attraction engineering team.  There are four distinct areas:  TA-Demand, Viator-Demand, Sydney-Supply, and Sydney-Infrastructure.  At present, there is relatively little engineering overlap / collaboration between the TA-Demand team and other teams on a day to day basis, but the expectation over time is that the collaboration between TA-Demand and Sydney-Supply in particular will grow, and it is expected that this collaboration will primarily involve the west coast members of TA-Demand team simply because the west coast is closer to Australia allowing for more effective collaboration.  The point here is that effective collaboration is already important, but it will become even more important in the future.

In brief, while the LA engineering leader will need technical expertise to be effective in the job, the overriding need is for someone who can collaborate effectively across organizational and geographic boundaries.

The LA office is going to grow, and the overall business is going to grow.  This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to think and act creatively about how to knit together lots of talent across organizations and geographies to deliver results.  The business is on fire, and we have the technical talent to keep it on fire – we just need to create an environment where we are all on the same page and collaborating effectively.






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