About Tridge:

 Tridge (https://www.tridge.com/es/) is a global agricultural trading platform that makes cross-border trade easy and frictionless. With our proprietary global sourcing hub, we go beyond matching buyers and sellers of 15,000 agricultural goods. This is facilitated through our one-stop fulfillment service that includes due diligence, supplier certificate verification, contract negotiation, packaging, shipping, customs, and many more. Powering the global sourcing hub is our data and intelligence services. Our exclusive database covers 11 million data points of agricultural goods and collects 50,000 data points each day. With greater transparency and real-time updates in price, quality, and trade volumes, Tridge removes the information asymmetry prevalent in many markets.

Tridge is looking for a candidate in the US Sales Administration position who would be a proactive leader of Tridge's global trading system in the Food & Agriculture industry.

At Tridge, you will be strongly involved in supporting sales activities and managing relationships with customers, accounts, and all other parties of interest. With your knowledge and expertise in Food & Agriculture and supply chain management, you will make an extraordinary impact, thus overcoming the deep-seated problems in the old, traditional trading industry. Ultimately, you will contribute directly to solving information asymmetry issues in Food & Agriculture industry: a mission Tridge has been pursuing over the past few years.

* After you join Tridge, there will be webinar training sessions to help you better understand your role in Tridge.


A US Sales Administration at Tridge will be Responsible for:

  • Online and offline order and shipment management
  • Basic bookkeeping, data entry, managing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Product Registration
  • Customer management and response to various customer claims and inquiries
  • Support for sales closing and settlement
  • Account communication and management
  • Support timely execution of and assist in the production of qualification documents, projects and various meetings
  • Provide and maintain reports and records to EMs 
  • Take on miscellaneous projects and responsibilities as requested by the DM (Deal Manager)

We are of a balanced view in considering the Qualifications for this position rather than expecting all of these attributes to be demonstrated from any one single individual:

  • 2+ years of solid experience in sales & supply chain management.
  • Experience with domestic and international shipment (basic knowledge of Incoterms and commercial trade terminologies).
  • Knowledge and experience in PACA, FDA and USDA is highly preferred.
  • Experience in utilizing ERP tools such as SAP.
  • Strong communication and problem solving attitude is highly preferred.
  • Customer oriented mindset and solid experience in customer service and management.
  • Possess strong motivation and self-discipline to execute action plans in a swift and professional manner.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to a fast-paced working environment.


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